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  • You know the original john? The guy behind "no johns"?
    Omg I probably sound like a fangirl rn but I can't believe that I am meeting of the friends of John. Ahhh lol well after all these years melee will live on :^) Peace out dude.
    i didn't exactly create it, but i led development for a couple years haha
    good games like 2 weeks ago btw
    yoooo you're the rob huh
    yeah ggs you should add me, my fc is 5215 - 0435 - 3531
    Don´t know programming but I like too translate the text to Portuguese. Maybe search for sprites or other stuff.
    And i think that´s all.
    I really want help, I an huge fan of super smash, so anything related is awesome, specialty if add more fighters.
    Please feedback me.
    I just discovery Super Smash Brothers Crusade and I believed that´s a good game. I haven´t try it yet but I´m working on that (bad internet connection --').
    I would like too help.
    Hi! I saw you posted on the Project Bidoof Dojo. I didn't realize you where the creator of Crusade.Cn you give me some tips.
    How did you make all this sprites?
    What engine or game maker did you use?
    I make each individual frame of an animation in MS Paint, then animate them using Falco Gif Animator. Others on the team use other programs like Paint Tool SAI and GIMP. We use Game Maker 7 Pro but I highly suggest finding a cheaper and more flexible alternative (I would look into other languages, something C-related probably)
    Mega Bidoof
    Mega Bidoof
    I was gonna try to learn C++ first
    Do You Still Have the Prototypes for Crusade?. i am trying to download and there's no more links for your prototypes. so can you send me a the best prototype in there is.
    have you started uploading hype 3 vids yet?
    Meaning I didn't have a recording setup. :p
    Oh. Any idea who the other person recording pm was? There were two people recording it. Calabrel already uploaded his pm recordings.
    Ask on the results thread? I dunno, I was too busy with all my matches to pay too much attention to who was running the recording setups.
    If there were any way to isolate the random seed I guess. afaik it's stored in replays to make sure everything stays consistent, but I don't actually know if it's possible to manually set that value in a normal game.
    Hey since the thread got locked and based on your latest observation, I'd been meaning to ask if you considered it a possibility that the input delay was still "random" in the same vein as random tripping, that is based on a random seed set at the beginning of a game?
    Can I carpool with you to gameshack and back? I'll split the gas or whatever and can bring a folding chair, wii and brawl. Either way leave me a message here asap (no facebook). Thanks.
    Hmf. Looks as though i'm just gonna have to bring my own copy of Allstars to you and get ya into it that way.

    Oh yes.
    You shall come around!

    And oh god. Mario sticker stars would be much higher on my list...
    If I had a 3DS ;~;

    I wasn't gonna get one but like at this point it's like "Fine Nintendo. I'll buy your damn system." Too many good games on that thing! <3
    Detta you da bess. <3 I'm trying to get a ride there.

    Heyyy sorry if I semp "out of it" last tourney. Like not play wise, but mentally. Pshh. The day before my friend ended up crashing the night, and we had like, a movie binge.

    I was so quiet until I like, lost. >w>
    If I didn't live 50 bajilliion miles away i'd totally help you. :3
    My snake's pretty booty though. :<

    Btw, do you know where the weekly brawl meet ups are held? I'd totally ask steam, but I've already asked him like 5 times before, when I was still being all dumb and shy, annnnnd never showed up to things.

    Reeeeally now?

    All Icy's?
    I guess it's true when they say you can't just secondary em. Atleast its working out for ya. The fact that you took a game off of Rubio meant there was a chance. You could have very well won even against such a bad MU. :D

    Honestly, if ya want my opinion, I still think Icy's are way less gay then snake. Atleast it's totally possible to keep Icys out. Wiiiith snake though? Your probably gonna eat damage whether you like it or not. When even trading hits with him always results in his favor, it's a little frightening. ._.

    Hmm, and no, I understand, going "All out" is bad. HA! After thinking it over, I wasn't playing a gay, poking spacing lucario. For the most part, my mind was set up on mixing up DEEEEP approaches, when I didn't need to.

    I don't know why I was playing so blindly. The only reason Lucario can go as far as he does, is because of how many options he has. They're only good when used sparingly, but nope, I wanted them hard combo's~

    On the plus side, I did zero death a DDD player. <3 It's a combo string i've been working on, I call the fatty loop. Its amazing! Payback for the 4 gordo's he threw within my first stock. :I
    Snakes are booty.

    The Lucario snake MU isn't necessarily bad. It's just super dumb and campy~ Lucario is one of the few characters that can totally deal with snake nade game, but up close he gets messed up.

    Heres what really bugs me~ His f-tilt is 4 frames and has the same range as ours. Ours is 12.
    Its really lame. You have to practically dance and air dodge around what he does, because he can actually punish what we do quite a bit. Alot of characters lack the ability to, but snake nopenope.

    Salt rant~!
    I think i'm gonna head to the meet ups now.

    I've decided to stick with Lucario!
    I don't know how to say it...
    but I ain't turning my back on the guy that brought me this far!

    I mean..
    I'm gonna use a seconadary though~

    OH HEY!
    Who'd ya beat Rubio's snake with? I'd really like to see you go all out with ROB sometimes~ Colorado needs a mid tier tournament. Half of us have mid tiers anyways right~?
    Man, what a ****ty feel though.

    I always stuck strictly to using lucario, because I believe strongly that theres no MU that he can't overcome. Theres always a light at the end of the tunnel, that I can reach out and grasp with solid play alone~! Cept maybe metaknight.

    I think i'm still gonna stick with em~! But ya know, have a secondary to help deal with the more annoying MU's. Honestly only ones I really struggle with are Snake, DDD, and Diddy. Diddy is just a result of my bad item play though.

    I was thinking, maybe pikachu?
    Hey, how'd ya do at the tourney? I have a gut feeling your gareentied for atleeeeast 4th. Its a fluke otherwise if you lose~

    Sorry I had to zoom out like that. Dad drove me here. Didn't wanna make him wait, otherwise I woulda stuck around for the finals. The best part about the tourney was being able to see you guys again. <3 I'm pretty satisfied in that regard~ I started playing tourneys just to meet more people so i'm satisfied there~

    But uh.

    Mentally, I think i've reached my limit with this character.
    I don't have the will to bring him any farther, and dump more effort into this game ya know? It's almost revolting to train, and play so much only to get no results and find out theres still much more people that have done even more training.

    My will is weak. I don't think I can bring Lucario justice with such a weak will to learn, train, and understand.
    Pffft yea. I saw the pics. Jeeze, I look like such a creeper in half of them in the background half the time....Couuuld be the lurker hoodie though.

    Ahh sorry for the late reply. A friend of mine wanted me to take taekwondo classes with her, so i've been busy training hard. It'd be way funner if they didn't focus so much on stances. Hell, I can hardly stand straight!

    Oh oy, btw been trying to practice the anubis strat lately. Like, wait are you seriously going to go jiggs for this?! Your jiggs is seriously legit if we pull this off~ <3
    I love pools so much more because I feel you get more for your money that way. Haha the only reason I say I'm free is because I haven't played in months since like MLG DC where I did decent at.

    It also sounds like you have a challenge on your hands. Hosting can definitely be a hard game to play, I don't know personally about hosting but I know about Directing and the like.

    P:M tourney? Sounds interesting and I'll probably join it just to have some fun.

    Also I found a doubles partner and am actually pretty excited now haha. It's been forever.
    Alright thank you very much. I believe I am going to be able to make this tournament.

    Haha me and my free Lucas/Peach are gonna try and get back into the swing of things. :rolleyes:
    Heya, sorry for bothering ya but I had a quick question.

    Is that tournament that is being hosted here?

    24060 East Orchard Road
    Aurora, CO 80016

    I saw it in the FB group but I had this question haha. ^^"
    Hey will you be free Tuesday at 5pm EST (dunno what time that is in CO off the top of my head)? Leisha and I are probably gonna do the next ep of our LP at that time.
    Hey, wanted to reply about the tournament on the 26th. Checked in with my boss, I can't make it. Sorry! I can hopefully attend another one of these at a separate point in time.
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