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Supermodel From Paris
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  • And here I was thinking you were gonna stick around and talk about ZSS and whatnot, but noooooo, you just had to go afk! ;P

    Supermodel From Paris
    Supermodel From Paris
    Unfortunately I don't post as much because I don't have a Wii U and am not playing the game half as much as I used to these days.
    Hahaha okay, well that's fair enough. It's sad though slightly, I really enjoy your posts haha. :p
    Unfortunately tagging only works on fresh posts, haha. But I spotted it anyway, hooray!
    You probably wouldn't believe me when I say that Marth probably does better against ZSS this game than the last (with dash breaker at least)

    BUT YOU SHALL SEE THE TRUTH. I just find it amazing there really isn't a quarter where you can hide/run from Marth this game without an amazing all-over-the-world projectile. Maybe ZSS has the tools to adjust/adapt to the fact she doesn't have a range advantage whatsoever.
    I hear you have a spreadsheet for frame advantage. Would you be able to send that to me?
    Supermodel From Paris
    Supermodel From Paris
    I would, but one of the people I gave access to it did something to it, and it isn't working anymore. rPSI made it, so he probably still has it kicking around.
    Gotcha, thanks!
    Hey haven't talked to you in a while, did you ever get to making more music or did life end up sweeping you away?
    I'm going to have to talk with you over some sort of IM client to tell you how to read my spreadsheet.
    yeah sure!
    can you come tomorrow morning? I think I am available any day of this week (mornings and/or nights)
    it's just her physics, she seems to practically float in the air for a second at the top of her jump :/

    I could play my Wii without hax to see if it's normal, but I'm pretty sure it is. Just never noticed it before.
    is it normal for ZSS to like, hover at the height of her fullhop? I was practicing with her, and that was just weiiird. I thought she might have been glitched because of hax or something.

    Then I put smashballs on and let the Samus CPU become ZSS and pwned it and stuff.

    but really I'm just gonna practice her JUST to learn her weakness, kill % lag times etc
    hey, thanks.

    I'm thinking of practicing ZSS just to learn her weaknesses. It's too bad CPUs can't pick ZSS unless you use hacks lol.

    Or I could use Samus to counterpick his ZS, and show him what's REALLY up. Right?
    hey, can you tell me how to beat ZSS with either Kirby or Fox (who is no longer considered to be hard-countered by ZSS, apparently) please? I keep losing to YbM's ZSS... there are no players to practice ZSS against, and he has the advantage since he also mains Kirby so he knows the character about as much as I do, plus I think ZSS wins that matchup so hlep

    I'm Anti-Ban yet argue for the ban. It's funny as hell to do.

    Also I try to get away with my trolling. Not because I'm a mod, but because I'm an STD/I. lol
    I just find it funny. But looking back, I got played. The point of the aboves post was to get a response like mine.

    :( I got troll'd.
    Now I'm in a debate with the person who infracted me over me "being a crybaby" about anti-religion being trolling.

    States he is Atheist yet the way he talks makes him seem Agnostic.

    I got infracted for that post.

    Than edited it to tell people how to see my original post.

    I'll probably get infracted for that too.

    I try to be unique. Just like everybody else.

    The stupid stars people do is stupid. Although I can understand different text colors.

    It makes it really, really easy to find my posts on a page. ^_^
    Hey SFP. Do you want to play some friendlies? I don't have much experience regarding ZSS dittos, so I could do with someone to practice with.
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