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  • I'm 19 and I'm in Palmetto. I can maybe play, not sure how I'd get a ride there, my roomie from school and I are here I doubt he'd want to drive me. If I get into tampa it'd be sweet however.
    but the "ty" was supposed to be the d in DRD, now you added an extra d, so now its DRDD
    hmm I may be on my way back by then. But we should play sometime during the week, haha I always love playing new people.
    Hey, I saw that you are running a tourney in tampa at some point. Will there be any small tournies or anything in Tampa from March 7/8 through Marh 13/14?!? I will be in Tampa on SB during that time so was just wondering. Sorry about the random message!
    darkruler Daniel

    I gave myself the name when I was about 12 or 13; I used to play yugioh and dark ruler ha des was my favorite card
    If you have apples than you can keep the doctor away. ;3 (DRD would know about that :] )
    Lol I don't play falcon. xDDD If I tried him I'd be trying to knee everywhere. Nah, I play doc, same as DRD. ;3
    Hey, thanks for the add. ;3 Yeah, I see you calling DRD Dirtyd, but yeah. nice pit, tho.
    If Florida Gaming is somewhere in New Hampshire, then yes, yes it does.
    Im guessing you were talking to fearless, also i guess noone really knows how i play in tourney except alt north lately. Neways I heard Hbox got ***** by some dude there. Also did dashizwiz go? I hear theyre coming us here in a few weeks. I guess I'll go play melee for fun.
    No clue what wato5 is but cool xD. Melee is cool, me and 2 friends were giving m2k the jigglypuff and falcon challenge this weekend.
    I dont live in jersey. Im from PA I live in Philadelphia, just most of the tourneys I go to are in Jersey.
    Whats with all the people and my Avitar lately. Its Mines >_> sorry but I like to be the only person. Yours is great anyways.
    Then go to Stack Smash; since it was an update there, they have it available at their site. You can download both of 'em there. :)
    holy **** what?? like 10 foot ddr machines?

    haha we can have a dance-off
    haha its cool, im in college and the internet has been completely crappy for the past 2 weeks and wont my wii online anyways.... my floors level has their wireless routers down or something so i cant hook up the wii back in my room.
    i work 4-10 (my time.... should be central timezone) saturday. and on sunday i work 10-2 otherwise i may be online and around at somepoint. just let me know how things go
    The summary has to at least be of pretty decent calibre. If you suck at least get someone to help you with it because I really don't want to have to shift through it much as I already have 3 pending =/
    Its up to you guys. Just make the matchup thread and I'll add it to the archive, however I wont be writing the summary for any matchup thread I dont make as I simply dont have the time.
    Thats cool. And also, one more thing. Until you get respected on your board, don't contribute anything large to matchup discussions. Trust me, you say something dumb and the other side will use it to prove that the side you are supporting is ridiculous and both sides will hate you.
    Some stuff you need to know. On the top right of your post is a report button. 2, don't post new thread until you have read all the stickies on a board and know it is not there. Otherwise you WILL get flamed.
    ok, i just got this now, im not at the college but i probably will be pretty soon if you wanted to get a match going. maybe an hour from now or something
    i may be on later tonight, do you have email or something that may help communicate faster than this? if i go online tonight it will prolly be about 4 hours from when i send this message
    k i may have homework tonight until about 9:00 (its 730 for me now) so if i sign on ill give you a message here on SWF so you know im online
    haha yea, and yea its cool, i am in college and know what its like to have homework, im going to be doing a lot of it tonight, so more than likely we can play tomorrow (thursday) if that works for you. ill be online a lot so ill just keep in touch
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