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  • When are teams? Like what time.
    Do you think we'll be able to play friendlies with them?

    I'm trying to convince my mom to let me go, and I think its a go ;D
    Lol I thought it was just my crappy connection on my laptop. I was going crazy trying to get it to load again, so thanks for telling me this XD. It's no biggie about the match, I guess if I see you on we can put it through. You could've just told me if you wanted to use someone else and just SDed at the start btw :/ . Btw, I invented the ZSSuicide D-air XD
    Ah I see. That sucks man. I myself am going to tournaments now, and I am even going to Apex. (maybe Rom3 as well) But I was wanting to go to Gamme but sadly it isn't happening anymore.

    Oh don't worry about it. I have 6 months right now so maybe you'll have one later. If not its all good I'm in no rush. ^_^
    Yo whats up david. Sad Gamme isn't happening. How you holding up with tournaments and stuff? : D Btw do you have an xbox 360? if you do you should add me on live.

    This is Carlos btw. Changed my name twice.
    That freaking game is awesome. Man, let me know when you get it so I can tell my friend to add your tag or w/e ps3 uses. Unless you get it for 360....then we won't be able to play. Mind you, I'm now starting to get into the game competitively. i only have a wii so I can't practice.
    Well, he does want to make this a regional Melee tourney. So having Brawl too, would be really bothersome.

    Just do what you think is best for you.
    I know I'm going to WATO10 and then the SSFIV tourney. I have to make my SF debut in the competitive scene. xD
    Ill team with you, but I need help with housing with whoever your staying with and stuff xP
    srry for the late reply. :p

    Dudley's looking hilariously dumb right now. lol

    Cody FTW. BINGO!!!!!!
    I'm really looking forward to Cody. I was for Dudley and Cody but Dudley just seems way to good. British bastar d.....
    hgbnhuiujhggvfds 3S IS TEH BESTTTTTTTT. I play Urien. SF4's pretty good too, I play 'Rog in that. I'm soooo hype for Super.
    Oh cool!

    Nah, I'm garbage with Elena. >; I don't pull off any crazy combos and juggle with her. >;
    Oh that's cool! Hehe back in high school I would play Melee all the time. :p Back when Brawl wasn't out that's how I got my tech skill, then I lost it. xD And now I'm working on it again. :p

    Eh, the world hates Brawl. Everyone likes to QQ and not pew pew.

    Who do you main in 3S? I main Elena. 'Cause she's sexy. <3333
    Oh true.

    Yeah, I know what you mean. :/

    And I saw you post about Third Strike, do you by any chance have it for the Xbox?

    But you're not gonna join tournaments for it?

    Also, one of my friends knows Flashmetroid personally, so hopefully he will come over my house sometime and I can practice with him too. ;O
    D-TORR! I'mma become the best Juri in Flowduh! >:UUU

    Once SSFIV comes out I'mma be playing that game SRS MODE. xD

    I would like to practice with you a lot in SSFIV. And hopefully you can go to tournaments too. :3
    All I did was pay for something using credit card, I dont remember anything about team building. The link I clicked was from AiB directly to the page so mabye I used it...
    Tager is still a terrible character, v13 is still a really good character.
    Thanks man I miss you guys too. I'm doing well, but I'm just doing the same as down there. I am doing this nurse assist aid thing for my dad, basically easy money. I'm studying, playing xbox 360, and yeah. But yeah doing well. : D
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