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  • Thank you, I hope the same for you as well. Next year I hope I can maybe be a driver when I get my car in a couple months.

    ahh I feel your pain. I'm pretty much a nobody so I don't think anyone really wants to make an effort to give me a ride either. T.T

    I loved Metal Gear Awesome lol. How's it looking on getting a ride to Tommy's this weekend? D:

    I see... I can kinda see why with her movesets. I'm sure the creators want to keep MvC3 under mature ratings. This is gonna suck for Jill. I hope she finds a way into the roster bro.
    Now that I think about it, I think that will be my new team. Jill, Chris and Wesker. That's the original stars team son.
    I use Jill, Doom and either Hayato.Strider. But with MvC3 coming out, I think I'll pick up Wesker and maybe Chris. I'll stay Jill just for lols. I'll have a nasty RE team lol.

    He uses Fox but he's got a NASTY Mario. He's very modest but he does have good mindgames. Even if he doesn't practice brawl all that much, his experience in melee gives him a clever adaptability in brawl.
    That's what's up. I went to a brawl tournie also and got 2nd. It wasn't anything big just something local. The only competition was H5G. We agreed on Marth dittos and it was a close match.
    Dude I saw your stats. You live in Kissimmee eh? Maybe we can do something sometime. Or perhaps...we can work on a project if you also do LPs.
    LOL what a mighty fine coincidence. I almost forgot all about smashboards since my college days. I was really good at melee back in the day. One of the top players in Bronx but never went to many tournaments caus e of my strict mom. After my sophomore year in hs, I started getting worse and worse. But on the plus side, I am ****ing intelligent.
    Yes, yes it is. I'm going to try a Brawl tourny to see how it is. I KNOW I won't do well at all, but I'm only going for the experience. Of course, I will be TRYING to win like I always am. Imma be gay as **** with those bananas.
    Oh, I see. Hmmm, may I ask, but concerning rides, do you ASK people personally for rides? : D (like not just ask generally for a ride in the tourny topic)

    Thankfully there was ONE tourny I could take the subway too... but others are outside of philly. Apex, I took TWO trains and a bus, but had a hotel reserved with a group of friends, which I met here on smashboards.

    Honestly I don't think people will just say "oh I'll pick you up" you know? Hopefully someone would be nice enough to... but i dunno. I mean, who do you hang out with that might have a car?

    Haha yeah, you're right, I do need to TRY REALLY HARD all the time... gah it's so much work though.
    PART 2

    Florida gaming tourny, and he was being as GAY as possible, and still lost : [)

    meaning you just have THAT much more work to do.

    I do too, being a doc. I'm improving, but **** my friends around me are too, and they are higher tiers, it's hard to try to catch up. but, I WILL. I will do everything possible to.

    Also, i think sometimes I randomly TRY REALLY HARD just to see if I can win. You know? I just put ALL my brain power and might do better at times... Sigh. My friends say that I beleive I can still win even at 1 stock and %400... haha. Not really, but I always try to win... you should too.
    Oh, I see. Yes, I know you can make it to that level, you just gotta WORK HARD. God it's so frickin hard for me to beat a jiggs... I have to run around and **** and back up because I can't directly get a punch at her cuz she keeps attacking and moving back, haha. Patterns.

    But yeah, I know you can do it. And now that you got a job you can prolly get to tournies in kissimee/orlando or something. A little more, not bad. Hopefully you can find smashfests around you too.

    And you know if you're gonna use Diddy in a tourny, dedede's will be hard to fight... (I guess, I remember GDX playing against a Dedede at that one
    Thanks man, glad to see you're glad. Hope you get better at brawl (i'm sure you are very good at it now man).

    I will. ;p
    Ohhhh that's gnes? Hmm I'll make a shoutout to him then. Sadly he lost but in my mind I was rooting for him. Ah, I see. I need to learn MORE about diddy. and brawl. And options that I can use and such, and of course I am also better at melee now, and still improving.. god it's hard tho. But yeah, and of course I'm still doing as bad against yoshi as I did to you.. lol.
    You main diddy now? Nice. I actually played a little bit of brawl (meaning like 5-10 matches) at Apex just for kicks, you know? I still feel bad at it cuz I don't have practice at it. I then watched some guy named Sexy (some diddy kong, who was playing a good ike named sam, so that I could remember wtf I am supposed to do with diddy lol)

    yeah. ;p Even practiced some glide tossing there, not hard. Brawl would be fun if I practiced it.
    I can't :(
    I allready made some plans for that day and my mom is a no no for leaving CFL.
    I'm sorry
    Yeah I use Windows Movie Maker, but I know people who use Pinnacle (the capture software that comes with Dazzle) and don't have problems, so I had to say it but it really is more dependant as to the computer you're using to record -- I myself want to get a higher-end one soon. You can still try recording in Movie Maker and see if it's any better, just open the program from Start -> Accessories, and ctrl + r to record!
    Hey, do you still have SSFIV? O:

    I'll be getting it back today. So hopefully we can do a lot of matches. ;D
    I'm pretty sure I can go. But I'm going to go to sleep, so tomorrow we'll talk on AIM for starts? Kay! Good Nite <3
    That means 10 dollars per partner, right? The money isn't the problem xD
    Lol, I didn't lend it, we played it today, they switched games, and I swear the put it back in the case.

    I hate being so **** dumb.
    Do you own any other fighting game for the 360?

    I have MvC2, Soul Calibur IV, BlazBlue, and KoF98UM.

    I left my SSFIV game at my friends house today.
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