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  • Do you still plan on finishing this? If not, I can probably do the rest of the characters by just calculating hitlag and shieldstun.
    Thanks a lot. I'm looking into getting a better computer myself, as I believe that may be a problem for me.
    Hey Phanna,

    You always record really good high quality vids and I admire that. I want to start doing the same. I have the equipment so this is not a question about that.

    I just want to ask what particular program do you use to record vids. Right now I'm using the program that came with the Dazzle installation CDs and my vids have been either desynching or skipping. From your vids, I see that you use Windows Movie Maker for some of your vids and I was wondering if you use that program to record.

    Sorry to bother and thank you for your time. =]
    hey man i got a 4x4x4 and a 5x5x5 for christmas. i solved just about all the 4x4x4 but looked up the algorithm for the parity. anyways i just have one question:
    do you know of an algorithm for the following? my 4x4x4 is completely solved EXCEPT 1 edge pair is in the wrong orientation. now if there were 2 in the wrong orientation i know how to make them opposite of each other and reorient them but when its JUST one edge pair idk wtf to do, lol. any ideas? thanks.
    hey this is JDaWGSoCooL89 from AIM idk if you remember me but you and I talked about your MP speed runs and Rubik's Cubes :p
    hello there, ive been trying to find info on some stuff but i cant dseem to fing it. where can i find attack data, hit box data and frames, lag sct stuff like that. ive seen it for other characters but not for samus.
    hey phanna, i'm a samus from venezuela, one of the best i believe(not the best though :p not yet xD) i'm a big fan of yours, been watching a few of your matches, you are very very good, i hope i can learn a lot from you =]
    hope you are doing good and still kicking *** with the great samus aran. peace and take care.
    Phanna, you're so cool you don't use your green color! Do all BRoomers get custom titles, or are you just that special?
    yo where have u been bro!!!! we need to play some melee for old times sake now that rohins is in FL
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