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  • D-Torr, if you do not play me on SF IV the next time you get it, I SWEAR I WILL HUG YOU NEXT TIME I SEE YOU. Wait.. what?
    Thats the thing I wanted you to watch, the ZSS saving the Peach. I was so surprised that señora ZSS can do that and still recover. We're gonna do great!
    Ahh crap. Hopefully you can make it. Try to contact Halo5god. He has a car and is probably friendly enough to give you a ride. He is a very shy person but he's the only person I know from your area with a car. I hope you can make it man.
    Aww ****. I know plenty of smashers from that area but I don't live near there. I live in Daytona.... Well, I know a smash tournie during December that's going to be in Orlando. Are you going to be able to go?
    Ahh I see! Thank you for sharing that. It would do me wwll to learn more about the things i like lol. Like ice cream...
    Ohh really? Wow cool lol. I never really put too much thought into that. I am into advanced play but I never bothered to look up the tier rankings for SFA3. What other game is Karin in? And if you have the knowledge, can you tell me from which game she's originally form?
    Ahh, yes.... That does make a deal of sense. I like Ibuki as well. I wouldn't mind her being in the game. I don't know much about the other ones. I would much rather put in that lovable Hugo. he's so goofy man. I crack up every time I see him in action. For a third, I would like to se Sean or either of the twins...or both lol. Yeah, as much as i like Sakura, Karin gets overlooked quite a bunch.
    Ohh man. I think I just found my best buddy on smashboards lol. Karin is freaking awesome. I generally always have a good laugh when I play with her too cause I notice how her fanny is always in the open when she does certain moves. I never did understand that . Did the creators do that on purpose or what? And heck yes man! I cannot wait until SSF4 is out. SFA3 is my fav and SF4 comes second. I would like to see those three unspecified characters they're making.I want to see R. Mika, Karin and Charlie make the roster then I'll be good.
    I doubt you're not good man. You are probably a great player. Sick stuff though. I'll check out your Yoshi as well. I think what made me want to friend you, besides the3 ZSS, is your Avatar. I am a pretty good fan of Karin myself. She's probably my favorite SF character along with Rainbow Mika.
    i haven't seen you on once these past few days haha and i've been playing pretty excessively this past week, get at me i'm the peurto rican ryu
    Psasdfsdfsdjfqsadklfh. Well, you're better. xD

    I love my Cammy too... </3

    But once SSFIV comes out I'm switching my main to Juri. ;DDDDD
    Hey man, do you want to play SFIV now?

    I will be able to play for a bit before I go to work. xD
    Oh, alright no problem! ;D I bought the costume pack for the female characters. xD

    The thing is, right now I left my game at my friends house and he hasn't been answering me, but I should have it by Tuesday or so.

    Man, I'm hyping Super Street Fighter IV sooooo hard. I can't wait to play Juri. She's sexy. xD
    Lets beast it up in singles! Kyon has been helping me lately! I think he might be on the next PR's
    I hope you do good then in the next tourny!
    What is the next tourny anyway?

    ;D <3
    Play Gat agaisnt Oli? xD
    How? Just gimp.
    But I'm Peach, and Peach is bad matchup for Oli soooooo yea

    Who did you team with?
    Yea :(
    I really wanted to go! But I was grounded D;
    But at the next tourny I must make up for my performance that I missed!
    How did you do? :D
    Alright, no problem. ;D

    I'm not sure he will probably back out last minute. xD But it's all good. I noticed how cheap it is, so I'm joining everything I can. Just to waste money.
    Oh no, I understood! xD It's okay. I was just letting you know, 'cause I didn't want to let you down. D;

    I play ZSS, Zelda, and Falco. I could go MK(Just to be gay) if you ever need me to.
    Awesome. I currently have Tekken 6, BlazBlue, and SFIV. I plan on getting some FPS games soon just to join the rest of the population. xD
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