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  • Hey mate, I have 2 quick questions - I'm trying to figure out what time to tune into the CEO stream, assuming the time difference is manageable:

    1. What time is it for you over there from when this was posted?
    2. What time does top 8 start tomorrow?

    I REALLY want to watch Shaky v Dabuz. :D
    You commented on my all at like 11:15.

    And top 8 starts at 2:30.
    11:15 AM? And 2:30 PM? That would make it 3 hours from now, hopefully I can tune in! :D
    Hey, when are you gonna start the Luigi discussion if that's what you choose?
    I want to let other people have the chance to propose other characters if they wanna do them.

    And then in a couple days probably.
    Why not have a poll?
    Prob sheik. I was so ready to drop her, but it seems like she is actually good this game... I don't think my play style and Palutena are going to mix well unfortunately...

    How about you? You switching mains?
    Yeah. I enjoyed playing Oli in brawl but I'm not one for character loyalty. I haven't really made any decisions cause I haven't played the game yet. I'm looking forward to Robin and Palutena myself. Maybe Shulk who knows. I just want to keep an open mind.

    And Sheik looks very good in this game lol.
    *and then he became a notoriously good Ness main*

    The irony!
    I've have alot of replayz on my Wii and SD. I'll copy ur set with Xaltis but whatz ur Email?
    Aaah okay that makes sense.

    Wow that would scare me a lot to have to do the rehearsal to do separate casts. Why did you have to do that? Telling the actors your thoughts is a great help. Also sometimes I learned asking the actors for their thoughts was another good way of keeping communications well.

    And wow that is a HUGE drama club. I am semi-envious of that haha. I mean I can't even imagine a theatre department being that huge, let alone a drama club.

    I'm a fellow freshman of college as well. I have enough credits to skip a full semester but that's about it. =P
    Twelve Anfry Jurors may sound familiar because there is a movie called Twelve Angry Men.

    But directing alone was scary the first rehearsal. I had to direct the show with two different casts so I directed the show like twice in the same rehearsal. But it was frightening at first. I just learned that when ever you have a thought you stop the actors and tell them your thought. It's just so important.

    I had one year of being in the ensemble before I started directing my senior year of high school. Our drama club is quite big and successful. We have like a hundred ish people lol. We've won Critic's Choice at District Festival, twice. Lolol

    This fall is my first semester at college. I'm a freshman. However I have enough credits to be considered a sophomore.
    I'm a baritone so I can play around with my range but I love hitting those low notes. I am also trying out for the narrator because gotta have those options in auditions hahaha. The mysterious man would be so cool to play as well.

    My knowledge of plays are very small as well and I know more musicals too so don't feel bad lol.

    Wow that directing style sounds so cool with having do have the entire audience surround the cast I mean that sound so difficult. Haha my teacher sponsor was very hands off until she saw what my Stage Designer had come up with and she was not happy with it at all because it looked like Crayola buildings when she just decided to can it which made it easier on everyone. We never had a drama club in our school so what our shows were, were like the ones on the big stage we had since we had a performing arts center which barely ever got filled unless the pep rally got cancelled and they had to come in there for it.

    I share your hesitancy when beginning directing because I hadn't even been acting a year but I had been blessed with getting a couple leads so I decided to take a stab at directing and my self-esteem was low low low. However I choose one of my best friends to help assisstant direct with me and she was absolutely my saving grace.

    12 Angry Jurors. Now I could have sworn that play sounds familiar but at the moment my mind is drawing a blank in terms of what it actually is about.

    So what year of college are you in for your degree?
    Oh wow, I am also majoring in a focus of Directing. I had the opportunity to direct my school's winter play after I got selected to and it was possibly the most eye opening experience of my entire life. I loved seeing everything come together of what I had in my mind and I was so proud of the actors and crew who helped put it together. Because I was a student, I had to do everything student run and that got a little hellish but it became the most successful play the school had had in over 10 years. (not counting musicals) because it made over 2,000 dollars without counting what it cost to make it. (in the end it was about 1,100+, royalties and some silly things). It is such a great feeling. I don't know if you would know the show but it was Shakespeare in Hollywood by Ken Ludwig. It's a parody of Shakespeare's Midsummer Night's Dream.

    That is interesting, I will be sure to look up the musical sometime soon.

    I love the Baker's Wife! She is absolutely my favorite character in the entire play. I also love the little girl because she adds some funny bits to it. The witch is amazing and when you have an actress who can pull of her, just greatness. I love "It Takes Two" because it's so cute and adds even more with "Any Moment" when she sleeps with the Prince. My favorite song though has to be the "Prologue/Into the Woods" followed by "I Know Things Now".

    I am vying for either of the Princes or the Baker hopefully. <3
    I am actually auditioning for Into the Woods in the next couple of weeks for a paid show so I am soooooo happy for that. What's your favorite character may I ask?

    The Falsettos? I can honestly say that I have never heard of that musical.

    So what area exactly are you majoring in theatre as? And what do you love most about it?
    Why have we not been talking for a while? I'm a theatre major too and proud thespian.

    I agree Wicked is not my favorite, I prefer quirker ones like The Fantasticks and Into the Woods myself.

    And I frequent the Oli boards a bit which is where I saw. :p
    Heyy! If you have the time, and still wanted to join my mafia game, it's taking signups now :D
    You're saving them as PNG's correct?

    And there's no layers beneath?

    Also, on the social pages of Smashboards, like profiles here and groups, transparent images appear white for whatever reason. It doesn't accept transparency on these pages.
    wassup dude. I havent wified with oli in 2 weeks. Wanna play? We can change oli to strong secondary each time. So we dont oli ditto. Oli dittos suck!
    Definetly. everyone in the midwest minus a few people called me Joey even when i used zenigame haha. (including hilt and today)
    "Zenigame" Blue kirby hahaha. it was made when i mained kirby back in early-mid january.
    Today drew it for me, so i wanted to show my respect for her. she made me a sig too, but Indigo league is my sig now. not changing my avy anytime soon haha.
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