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  • Could it be possible that people can post? I wanted to get feedback from everyone, especially about when school is ending for players throughout TX. It can be closed next week and then I'd make the tourney thread when MLG is over, with the date already set.
    I wanted to make a thread in the Southwest section with a poll asking when I should host Nikefest3. Normally I'd just make the tourney thread with it, but I'm gonna have a seperate poll on the tourney thread already.

    I'm basically asking for your permission to make 2 threads; one asking which date is best and one for the actual tourney thread with a seperate poll. Tourney thread would be created after MLG Dallas.
    It's so weird to see your name in red Zac. Although, I do say, the Red/Dark Gray combo is pretty sexy. Especially with those smokin' hot triangles!

    What happened to the matches I saved on your wii. from the hobo 27 low tier crew battle o-o. falcon vs bowser and falcon vs ike.
    I got your messages on youtube...any specific matches from Phase you don't want uploaded?
    hey you moved my tourney thread to regional zone when i posted in the tourney listing forum, so do i post the results in the regional zone too? or do i go ahead and post it in tourney results
    its very trciky to pull off and extremely situational, but so much darn fun to pull off...
    It turns out I not only learned the framerates and the glide toss, but I created an interesting judgement for you.. I'll have to upload the video as soon as I find something to read my SD card.. lol
    We likely won't be there very long. We'll probably arrive late Friday night and will return after the State Fair Saturday night.

    I'll keep you posted and let you know for sure what our schedule's gonna be within the next day or so.
    Hey Zac, I'm gonna be in Dallas this weekend for the UT-OU game--is there any way you could house me and maybe 2 other guys Friday and Saturday night?
    Nebraska's making a PR thread. We're going to be using panelists for now, but after we get some more tournament results we wanna try using Texas' system.

    I got the gist of how it works down, beat someone with more points, you gain more points, beat someone with less points, gain less points, and visa versa if you lose.

    My questions concern the math involved (Formulas), how points are gained / lost against OoS players, and anything else that matters. Any info would be greatly appreciated.
    Do you want to the raw footage of your vids? If not, I will delete it in a few days.
    I can't powershield all your judgements...it's too much effort. :(

    I've already uploaded quite a few of your vids...I should have them all uploaded today. :)
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