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  • mai boy, I have a question for you. It's confirmed in Pokemon Black and White you can now re-EV Pokemon even if they are at lv 100? There's a few Pokemon on my Emerald version that I dun goofed and are at level 100, or can be EV'd differently and put to better use because of the special/physical split. Also hi event Arceus.
    Happy Birthhhdayyyy :3
    Enjoy it and live well all through this new year of life!
    Hmmm. Well thanks.

    Is it okay with you if I come by here every week or so and sort of suck some poke-knowledge out of you?

    And what is your answer to Doryuzuu in the sand?
    Does ScarfChomp fill the same role as well as Scizor does at killing Ubers?

    What kind of Chomp do you run?
    Nasty Plot/Dark Void/Dark Pulse/Focus Blast Darkrai lead...here i come.
    Does Focus Sash truly help Darkrai out in a lead spot enough to make a difference if i wanted LO?

    And thanks for your help.
    I've actually made a core with Poison Heal Gliscor- Natt- Buru recently.

    Gliscor has- Protect, Sub, Aerial Ace, and Earthquake. He is EV'd for defense and is meant to cover Breloom and Roobu. Meant to have Toxic Spikes on the field.

    Right now Im using ScarfChomp and he's pretty deadly.
    I use Forry as a lead and im highly considering keeping Nidoking to dismantle Nattorei and Burungeru teams. But as you said Deoxys can do the same and retain speed.

    Right now Im looking at Natt, Buru, Glisc, Forry, Deoxys, and ScarfChomp.

    ...Now im considering Scizor for Chomp.

    Opinions on that team?
    If you don't feel like answering any of these its fine. I realize im asking quite a bit.

    I've seen 3-Pokemon defensive cores so efficient it might as well be stall, except it only takes up half of the team. No complete stall has been efficient, but those cores works quite well.


    Less obvious stuff like MixTar is everywhere, and even run various "fake CB" sets, Deo-A don't carry ESpeed up there, SD HabanChomp show up, Poison Heal Gliscor is wildly popular, and more.

    What do people generally use MixTar for? Is there a certain reason as to why it is more popular than before?

    Scizor show up, Deo-A and Shaymin-S are everywhere, I saw my first DDGyara in the entire Smogon ladder way up there too.

    Shaymin-S is a load of BS

    Nattorei counters everthing. Scizor ruins your teams. Hope that you can kill the Roop and Champ before they get to your cores.

    Scizor ruining teams? Examples?
    I didn't even realize I revealed REALLY GOOD POKEMON!!!, sorry I have now edited it.
    You mentioned about hitting 1280 and I was curious as to what was common in teams once it hit 1280.

    Is there stall like there was in Gen IV?
    Different sets on pokemon?
    Different pokemon?
    Different threats?
    Hey, you want to play out our rounds now? If so just tell me your perfected server and give me 5 as I have to take some laundry down.
    Tomorrow I am free all day, plus I have to write 3 papers so I should be online for the most of the day. If you have any time in mind (Preferably past 11am EST) Message me, I'll sign onto AIM when I get on to see if you are there also.
    hey i would like to challenge u in a dream world gen 5 battle
    only if its okey with u though :3

    I suck at PSA. Can you teach me how to make attacks do percents of damage? IE, MKs nado has 19 hits that do 1% each, so I would like to change it to 0.25% per hit.
    I made a team following smogon rules, but now I can't play it anywhere lol
    trocketry and beta server use the old banlist...
    Are you on /tr right now?

    I need to fight someone that's actually willing to help me improve my garbage poison monotype team.
    Nice Room Ban.

    I should probably get PO so I can try out Gen 5. Though I'm more for Wi-fi, I'm lazy.
    Hey we should play on the /tr/ server on PO. I see you on there sometimes.
    It stays right where it was in-tact for admins/mods to see but essentially invisible/non-accessible for normal users.
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