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xLeafybug =D
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  • You playing MW3 at all? If not, what are you playing? I want to get back into Dark Souls or UC3 if you're interested.
    Thanks to the Christmas noobs, I now currently have a 1.81 K/D ratio in MW3.

    MP7 is TOO good btw.
    I will the next time I play PS3. I only have Uncharted 3 and God of War 3 atm but I plan on buying more PS3 exclusives in the future.
    alright man, just making sure you're alright.
    Yo, where've you been? The group misses you. ):
    you talked your way out of it or something? also, is it related to green?

    eh, it'd be fun though. just as a secondary game or something
    what? why you getting in trouble for? you're too smart for that sh.it lol

    dont get caught.. is all im saying :p

    yeah, i only run melee.. because i love it on a level thats hard to explain unless you play it yourself..

    oh well..
    I'll get back to you on this. And how you been dude? How's school/life?
    Well, I want a PC which can play all the new games. (They don't have to be at the highest graphics.) Is Alienware still the way to go? I don't know much about PC gaming, I was born a console peasant gamer. Does the game only lag for you when there are a lot of people on the screen shooting at each other? I think that's normal for some people.
    Have you tried lowering the settings? That may help. One day I want to build a PC for gaming, you know anything about this?
    How old is your computer? Mine is from 2009 and it can run it just fine.
    That's quite a reasonable price for a monitor, especially because I kind of need to upgrade to HD. I haven't done so because every HD TV has some degree of input lag, which less hardcore friends of mine don't even notice. Makes it nearly impossible for me to play.

    So, with that price and HD, I don't think I can really go wrong. I'm not too bent on recording, but it would be cool to be able to do so. You thinking of picking one up as well?
    I'm watching the MLG anaheim black ops shiz, which leads me to ask if you ever got that TV that you mentioned in the thread that they use there?

    Seeing as they play with it there, it shouldn't have input lag of any sort, which is what I need. Also curious as to whether or not it can be used to record with.
    Btw, if :mad: doesn't tell me a name tomorrow, it'll be your turn for the LH's social thread.

    "Leafybug's Lush Laburnocytisus" sound good?
    you got a new computer or you just gonna use your toastercomputer?

    and i'll def teach you
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