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xLeafybug =D
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    get one.
    do eet
    Then we can have epic Javelin shenanigan-ry
    I thought the same stuff yesterday, but :mad: told me to watch a few episodes and I did. I then fell in love with the series. The animations and voice acting is top notch. I suggest you give it a try and approach it with an open mind and no biasness.

    Holy 502s, batman!
    Hey, what do you want the LH social thread's title to be when it's your turn?
    I'll buy you a drink one day, I only live 30 minutes away from you. =P
    Enjoy high school while you can, college/university is pretty damn hard if I do say so myself. I've lost a few days of sleep due to worrying about assignments/exams. ;-;

    Keep me updated on what you'll be majoring in! (PS: Don't go to York University.)
    You should get MW3 for Xbox. :l
    Team SWF always needs more pros!
    I'm now officially done with Sheridan. Went to grad/convocation yesterday, had a blast. :)
    I think standbying still exists. Yesterday while playing Domination, we were 3 capping them (since they were bad) and it migrates host, then when that's done, we're being 3 capped! :mad:
    I feel really bad for you bro, it's day 15 since PSN has been down. :(
    I hate it whenever I'm on a 7 kill streak and I need another kill to get my Blackbird and some level 38 with no skill kills me with his RC-XD. =(
    They're not broken anymore? I always thought of them to be 'broken' because they only require 2-3 kills and they can even kill you if you're wearing flak jacket. (If they hit your front. It's like a 2-3 kill predator missile.) I would prefer it if they made RC-XDs require 4 or 5 kills to get.

    And are you voting tomorrow? (I'm assuming you're over 18 like me...)
    You can quick scope now and it's easier to aim. (I remember before if you went prone and tried to scope in, it wouldn't let you for some reason.)

    I also owned this team today in TDM. All 6 of them were in a clan and used ghost...so when my teammates called in their UAVs, no red dots showed up. I had to drop shot all of them and use my RC-XDs to flush 'em out. Went 29-4 and they all left after that lol.
    We made several clans/randoms ragequit yesterday because of that class. (I also got a triple with my RC-XD too! lol)

    PSN has been down since Wednesday night, right? It's day 4 right now. And why would you sell your PS3 because of this?
    Now my K/D ratio is 2.50 and my W/L ratio is 3.60 (I only play with friends.)

    I hate Black Ops' servers/matchmaking cause quite often, people get dropped. :urg:

    Also, yesterday, me and Team SWF were using the gayest set-up in the game in GW Dom:

    Famas w/noob tubes
    Scav Pro
    SoH Pro
    Marathon Pro

    I got so many triples haha. (Also used: RC-XD, CUAV and Napalm.) :awesome:
    What are your stats in Blops? My K/D ratio is currently 2.48 and my W/L ratio is 3.40
    Yes, I read it. I'm against a "multipurpose CoD thread" because I enjoy creating new threads and making up good OPs for them. I dunno man, it would seem kind of weird to change now, I mean, what's the problem? What's wrong with creating new threads for new CoD games? If you want to discuss CoD4, use the CoD4 thread. If you want to talk about MW2, use the MW2 thread. I just like all dedicated discussion in their respective threads but that's just me. I feel like things might get cluttered if we create a thread like Wretched suggested.

    It's kind of weird and hard to explain my reasoning but that's how I feel. *shrugs shoulders*
    Is Black Ops on the PS3 as bad as I've heard it is? (i.e. Lower frame rate, screen resolution etc.)

    Treyarch really screwed up the PC/PS3 versions from what I've read. (PC gamers get screwed again!)
    I was referencing to your previous VM. You said that "As of April 6, 2011, I'm quitting shooters for a long, long time. These games bring out the worst in people, and I'm trying to avoid them."
    I got killed while I was well past a well today in Black Ops. I was so confused. In the kill cam, the guy got invisible hit markers on me...WTF?
    MW2 is kind of like a "love hate" relationship. If you do good, you love the game! If you die a lot, you get pissed and rage quit!

    Black Ops still pisses me off due to ****ty matchmaking, hit detection and people do the stupidiest things.
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