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xLeafybug =D
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  • I'm close to getting scavenger pro. 105/150 resupplies. The other 2 challenges were hella easy.
    Brawl is only enjoyable when you eject the game disc from your Wii and put in Melee. =D
    I think Flak Jacket would make MW2 a great game. Now if something would counter commando...
    Yeah...oh and I played some MW2 today. I got ****ed over by the spawn system a few times and the hit detection got me killed a few times. But I did better after my first game and got my AC-130! :)

    MW2 is more fun than Black Ops but unbalanced.
    MW2 had a few major problems, Black Ops has several small problems. Agree?
    I got so pissed off while playing Black Ops today. It was like MW2 rage.

    **** GHOST.
    Do you know why Black Ops suddenly lags sometimes when I'm shooting at people?

    It's not my connection, so it must be the game or the person is lag switching me?
    You should go, they have a lot of tasty food there. (My favourite is the torpedo shrimp.) :bee:

    I might be going in a few weeks.
    Hey, have you ever been to the Mandarin in Brampton? It's a pretty awesome buffet!
    I don't know if I'll buy second chance once I've bought all the guns/attachments/playercards. Maybe for teh lulz but I'd lose all respect for myself if I do...

    Team tactical is the best playlist with 3 competent teammates.
    Which pro perks do you have at the moment? I have:

    - Hardline pro
    - Ghost pro
    - Sleight of hand pro
    - Hacker pro

    I have to get warlord pro back and I'm working on marathon pro at the moment.
    I'd rather have the ability to avoid enemy equipment then not get stunned or flashed. Personal choice. TMask Pro takes a while to get since the nova gas is hard to get kills with?
    I never use tactical mask, hacker pro all the way! Love bobby trapping people's care packages! :awesome:
    The problem with ghost is the perk tier it's in. If it was in the 2nd tier perk, then it wouldn't be a problem since you can't reload really fast w/o sleight of hand.

    I watch more kill cams in this game because I'm shocked how I die even though I'm clearly behind the corner. :mad:

    They should also let you use your kill streaks in any order you want. We have 4 arrows on the d-pad. (2 if you use a claymore/noob tube, better than nothing I suppose.)
    They piss me off because they reward bad players who can only get 2-3 kills. I've lost track on how many times I've been denied my blackbird because some scrub with hardline can get 2 kills and deny me my kill streak.

    Today I ran flak jacket (trying to get the pro version...) so I ran through claymores and RC-XDs like a boss!

    I also like the AK47 with dual mags and a suppressor.
    Ghost campers
    Second chance
    Terrible hit detection
    Getting killed while behind cover/a wall
    Under average matchmaking and party system (friends sometimes get dropped so I have to back out for them...and it takes longer than the other CoD games to find a game online for some reason.)
    The MW2 security patch is out for the PS3 tomorrow.

    So....enjoy? lol
    Darn. We need a good fourth person.
    If you wanna get to higher rounds in zombies play on the 360 with Alex and I.
    You'll get the game. We all will. Despite what we say now. :)

    I hope they have a MP beta. (Fourzerotwo said they learned a lot from MW2 so I hope they take that info to heart and patch stuff like 3arc.)
    That's not too far. It's a 20 minute drive from my house (in Georgetown) without any traffic.
    Yeah, Steeles (Avenue) has been experiencing a lot more traffic than usually lately because of it.

    I think I've already asked you this, but you live near my school right? (Sheridan College)
    Man, is Brampton doing a lot of road construction lately. Digging up holes in Sheridan's field.
    You want to play some zombies with us tonight? Or are you too busy being a tryhard :awesome:?
    Oh, you want to know where my avatar is from? Here!

    There are 18 chapters in total. (And AAI2 is out now
    in Japan...:mad:
    I beat it last week, now I'm sad that it's over. :(

    I can't think of anything bad about the game, the story is great, characters are memorable and their animations are top notch.
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