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    Current highest known GSP

    Currently at 1.861 with K. Rool
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    Discussion of Stage Legality in Smash Bros. Ultimate

    Personally wanted to throw my own potential stagelist in here. I've seen a lot of stagelists, and some that justify what's banned, but never people that actually discuss why they chose each stage, or the goals of the ruleset. I feel like this might be because people are just picking "whatever...
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    Melee Gecko Codes + Guide and Discussion

    I went to use this code but entering a game as Giga Bowser causes a crash. It looks like 20XX solves the issue by making GB not spawn from a spawn platform, but it doesn't look like that code is available anywhere. I've actually found posts going back to 2005 asking for this issue to be fixed...
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    Crazy Hand v1.31 - Character editing program

    Does anyone know how to prevent Zelda from entering Special Fall after Side-B or DK after Neutral-B?
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    Data Bowser's Hitboxes and Frame Data

    I doubt anyone cares but Down-B hits from frame 41.
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    Crazy Hand v1.31 - Character editing program

    So does anyone have a clue how Confusion works? The throw doesn't exactly ignore the Throw/Release flags in the subaction, but it doesn't look like you can impact BKB, KBG, or angle in any meaningful way. What's the trick with this thing?
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    I log into the first time in forever and I have a nondescript trophy that even I don't know how...

    I log into the first time in forever and I have a nondescript trophy that even I don't know how I earned Pls help
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    First RMT Post: All Around Team - Gen VI (Note: Does not entirely follow OU standards.)

    Urr, the only meta you talk about is OU so I'm guessing you're using this in that. ...Other than Knock Off on Serperior (it really should be a hidden power, Fire, Rock, or Ground probably) and probly tweaking around MGross' moveset (Ice Punch, Bullet Punch, and Hammer Arm are all strong...
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    3.6 olimar pikmin alive but not able to be used

    I encountered it on PS2, so it's not limited to FD. I'll also mention it was an Olimar ditto when I got glitched out, so USB Loaded Oli vs Oli on PS2, at about the 6-7 minute range into the game is as detailed on the conditions as I can get you.
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    3.6 olimar pikmin alive but not able to be used

    Confirming this also happened to me on a Wii with a default Project M Homebrew Full Set. USB loaded. Adding that Whistling allowed you to use the first Pikmin in line 1 time before this glitch occurred again. Tried tossing all 4 Pikmin and re-plucking, still had the bug. Only way to fix it is...
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    "Ask Not for Whom the Bell Tolls..." Game and Watch Matchup + Discussion

    Edit: I just realized I responded to an extremely old post. We need a delete button.
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    This KID has become my inspiration (Any nerf ideas?)

    One thing I really noticed that Mr. Lz was getting wins off of is that nobody wanted to mess with G&W's recovery, especially when sweetspotting, and even when his Double Jump was already burned. Mr. Lz neutral game is obviously fantastic (he's doing stuff I've seen nobody else really do...
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    Bowser general discussion thread.

    @Jacob29 I think Fox is more even, but Falco is absolutely still super Bowser favored. His entire toolkit is pretty much tuned to beating Falco, you can pretty easily cut off all his approach options and have multiple easy 0 to deaths if you can read DI. What makes you think that match-up...
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    Dedede Tech (3.6)

    Warioman's Up Smash has an incredibly powerful and obscenely large windbox. It was absolutely Warioman.
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    Olimar's New 3.6 Recovery?

    That moment where its "man if I had pulled literally any other Pikmin than this white little **** that Fair would've killed you" every damn time white gives up so much for so little goddamn
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