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  • idk i might bring out the 4ChKn tag on saturday
    Lol awesome. I wont be able to go this weekend so good luck to you.
    Huh. So I am.

    Also GS told me to tell you he misses you.
    GS talked to me like 3 days ago
    Meant he missed seeing you on the site/Skype chat.
    O. Lol
    I didn't play you but you have a nice Mewtwo.
    Thanks. You did pretty well yesterday. Keep up the good results.
    It's a good thing I'm not discouraged easily! I'm going to get good with ZSS, mark my words haha
    Keep at it.
    Man, that sucks, best of luck to you man. Well, it may not be all too bad, if it's only for about 3 weeks or so, you will be able to make it for Smashcon right?
    Sounds good. Best of luck with your event! I'll see if I can attend it. :)

    Which charity is it for?
    Also keep in mind that you can host your events independently from Smashcon's. It's not that big of a deal unless you personally plan on attending said events.
    I just checked the Circuit Thread. September and November only have two events going on, you'd definitely be able to squeeze in something. OR what I was thinking about earlier, and I really wouldn't mind doing, if you think you could draw enough people for a charity event, I wouldn't mind making the Voodoo Smash on the Bayou this year the charity event if you follow what I mean.
    Check the State Circuit thread. The winter schedule has been posted and I don't think it's going to be changed. When to host it, I'd suggest September (nothing going on in general for school), maybe even November (Thanksgiving break). I don't think there's anything special happening in those two months, so I'd just look at what the schedule says and plan accordingly. :)
    When would be the best time in respect to the Smashcon schedule or to get the best attendance or both?
    Where did you get the pictures for the last La PR graphic? I want a Phoenix Wright avatar handy lol
    Do you still play brawl? I haven't seen you around in a while. Everything alright?
    I know. Snake is just stupid online. Especially vs. MK...we all know it's solidly in MK favor offline, but online, it's like 60 : 40 Snake lol
    ggs man. maybe swap between grabs and DB more? When i started shielding all of DB, i could get a grab, which is 11% + more for sonic. Any advice for me?
    lol sorry, when i posted that message, you got off in about 2 seconds. You still up for it now?
    mom took my laptap so i didn't see you message >_> Let's shoot for today
    it's decent. I'm guessing you want to play? Wifi annoys me because it lets you get away with stuff you might be punished with offline :(
    I still don't agree with Mence's ban. It was a poorly thought out decision, he was no Garchomp :/.
    Pretty much the same ^^. Been doing plenty of pogeymenz stuff, earned myself Best Samus in EU title and became a mod.

    **** has been pretty good for me on the interwebz ^^
    Yeah I do.


    When you can contact me be sure to drop me a message ^^.

    But anyway, how have you been man? It's been ages.
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