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Tankman from Newgrounds
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  • My wishlist of 10 Characters for Hypothetical SEGA Smash Clone/Battle of AGES (Speed Weed):
    1. Space Harrier
    2. Vectorman
    3. Gilius Thunderhead
    4. AGES the VMU
    5. Segeta Sanshiro
    6. Hatsune Miku
    7. Sega Hard Girls
    8. Joe Musashi
    9. Centurion
    10. Bonanza Bros.
    Do you usually like every post in a thread?
    Hey, are you thinking that if 3rd Parties in Mario Kart crossroads were just Pacman, Ghosts and Donchan?
    Well, I wanna say that we could include Megaman and Ryu in the Crossover.
    Honorable mentions to Banjo-Kazooie and Sonic (I better want him in Car rather than him running), who also deserved to be guests in Mario Kart Crossroads.
    Media today: "Shooter games are too overrated and repetitive like Call of Duty in today's times".

    Meanwhile Platformer games in 90's:
    (Monkey looking behind and front of himself)
    Why does everyone has J on the Prifile Picture?
    I hate how people on SmashBoards say stuff like "Stop" to me, it's very annoying and repetitive!
    Better say: "Don't do that!" instead of stupid "Stop". It makes me angry and ashamed!
    People say "Stop" because its easier to type. Informal language was made because people like taking shortcuts. You are also online in a casual setting so there is no need to act formal. Unless you are in Serious Discussion. Please don't take things people say on here too seriously if you have a problem inform the mods.
    Tankman from Newgrounds
    Tankman from Newgrounds
    Okay Alicorn.
    I just said that, because I was annoyed that people said "Stop" or "Please stop" when I did things that People hated. So, I wanted to use better alternative to sound more "Gentle".
    Am I only one who wants South Park rep in Nickelodeon Allstar Brawl?
    Because Comedy Central and Nickelodeon are properties owned by Viacom, so I would be cool if South Park rep was in NASB.
    Genie: You have 3 wishes, but there are 3 rules:
    • No wishing for death
    • No falling in love
    • No bringing back dead people

    Me: I wish Sakurai implemented Retro Rep in Base Roster of Smash Ultimate.

    Genie: There are 4 rules.
    End of Year 2021, just a day away.
    Tommorow is our last day of 2021.

    I wanna say that year 2021 was little bit better than 2020, but still it was very rough year, especially being on SmashBoards when People ignored me and even when Pamdemic is still ongoing.

    I will say that tomorrow we'll gonna celebrate the Last day of 2021.
    No matter where we live and what time zone we have, but still we all gonna celebrate last day and first day of New Year,

    My New Year resolution that I'm gonna be more social and I hope everyone will stop ignoring in Real Life and on internet.
    If I was Directing Smash's Reboot game:
    1. I would cut all Playable 3rd Parties and other 3rd Party Properties like Spirts based on them.
    2. I would make 3rd Parties as Mii Costumesto make fans little more happy.
    3. Bring back wavedashing and shine.
    4. Make more Realistic graphics.
    5. Implement better mechanics.
    6. Cut some 1st Parties like Pichu, Piranha Plant and even some like Jigglypuff.
    7. Make Assist Trophies more useful.
    8. Bring back collectible Trophies.
    9. I would make better Roster:
    • Mario
    • Luigi
    • Donkey Kong
    • Diddy and Dixie
    • Wario
    • Waluigi
    • Yoshi
    • Link
    • Ganondorf
    • Samus/ZSS
    • Kirby
    • Meta Knight
    • Fox McCloud
    • Krystal
    • Pikachu
    • Mewtwo
    • Lucario
    • Greninja
    • Marth/Lucina
    • Roy/Ike
    • Robin
    • Ness/Lucas
    • Captain Falcon
    • Pit/Dark Pit
    • Shulk
    • Rex and Pyra/Mythra
    • Little Mac
    • Olimar
    • Chibi-Robo
    • WFT
    • Ring Fit Trainee
    • Springman
    • Villager
    • Isabelle
    • Inkling/Octoling
    • Akira Howard
    • Ice Climbers
    • ExciteBiker
    • Takamaru
    • ROB
    • Mii Fighters
    Unpopular Opinion: Electronic Dance Music (EDM) is better than Rock Music and it's variations.
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    Reactions: KneeOfJustice99
    Personally, I think it depends on what you're looking at. Rock and EDM alike can be represented in various different ways. For instance - I have a love for punk rock, but thrash metal isn't so cool to me. Likewise, EDM genres could include anything from chill French House beats, all the way up to horrifically mind-numbing ultratone breakbeats.
    Tankman from Newgrounds
    Tankman from Newgrounds
    Yeah, your Opinion makes sense.
    Some of Rock variations are not bad, but some of them are Good.
    EDM has the same ways like Rock has.
    Love is more important present than a wrapped gift!
    Everyone should share some love to anyone, to your family, to your friends, to your relatives, to your neighbors and to whole world.
    No matter how evil or good you are, you always deserve some love!

    Merry Christmas, Everyone.
    - Tankman, 24th of December, 2021
    I'm really happy that Christmas in my country starts in 24th of December.
    Because I could spend time with my Family and others, while sitting around the table, eating Christmas food and unwrap my presents.
    You know, Happiness in Christmas is more important than a gift.
    My ideas for Newcomers for Silavgunner: KFAD Round 3:
    • Rips taken from NES games represented by Fighters and Assist Trophies in Smash (Like Kid Icarus, Murasame Castle or Ice Climber) (Example: ice Climber Title Theme)
    • Rips taken from Songs about Robots (Example: Whatever Happened to Robot Jones? Opening theme)
    • Rips taken from NES Accesory Game songs (Example: Duck Hunt Medley - SSB4)
    • Rips taken from Sci-Fi Futuristic Movies or Cartoons (Example: Futurama Opening Theme)

    Panty and Stocking:
    • Rips taken from Panty and Stocking (Example: Fly Away - Teddyloid)
    • Rips taken from Comedy Anime series (Example: Dr. Slump Theme song)
    • Rips taken from Songs with explicit words (Example: DJ Craig Gorman & Rain Radio - Talk About)
    • Rips taken from Songs about Angels (Example: Hallelujah)

    SEGA Posse (Segeta, AGES & Hard Girls)
    • Rips taken from other SEGA Games (Except Sonic and Jet Set Radio) (Example: Main Theme - Space Harrier)
    • Rips taken from SEGA commercials (Example: Segeta's Theme)
    • Rips taken from Sega Hard Girls (Example: Sega Hard Girls theme)

    Hatsune Miku:
    • Rips taken from Vocaloid Songs (Example: Hatsune Miku songs)
    • Rips taken from Rythmm Game songs (Example: Fresh - Friday Night Funkin)
    • Rips taken from Japanese Internet Phenomena (Example: Circulation Anime song)
    Y'know, I know of some things you'll probably adore if you liked KFAD. They're fan-projects that are similar, but also different!

    Mashup Week - The original, also completed tournament with a completely original cast from the KFADs, as well as an original story! At the moment, the sequel - Mashup Week Megamix - is actually running right now, with 32 characters!
    Strange Alternative Leader Tournament - Another tournament, though one that's in its latter stages as of right now, again completely being its own thing.
    PRIZM - A 16 character tournament with the gimmick of everyone being based on a specific colour. There's actually quite a few fan-made tourneys of this too, with some hella impressive ones like HULAZM 128, a tourney with, yes, 128 characters.
    Temporary Flight Attendant - A tournament kinda similar to SALT, this one's pretty light-hearted overall, but still has some banger rips.
    Live For Another Day 2 - A KFAD-based tournament, though set in the world of Danganrompa! I'd say this is a good starting point - there's a lot of really cool rips and characters here.

    I hope these are useful, or at least fun, to ya!

    (I'd also like to say, I'm currently working on the preliminary planning stages of my own tourney! ;3)
    Tankman from Newgrounds
    Tankman from Newgrounds
    You know, those characters could fit in those Fan-Projects mentioned by you.
    Come to my "Mario and Nintendo Allstars Racing"!
    We have fun here and don't miss out the Reveal of the game!
    Let this dream come true of Nintendo Crossover Racing game!
    If Nintendo made Nintendo Allstars Racing as spiritual Sequel to Mario Kart?
    Here's my Take on Roster:
    1. Mario
    2. Luigi
    3. Peach
    4. Daisy
    5. Rosalina
    6. Bowser
    7. Donkey Kong
    8. Diddy Kong
    9. Wario
    10. Waluigi
    11. Yoshi
    12. Link
    13. Ganondorf
    14. Samus Aran
    15. Kirby
    16. King Dedede
    17. Fox McCloud
    18. Pikachu
    19. Mewtwo
    20. Captain Falcon
    21. Olimar
    22. Chibi-Robo
    23. Villager
    24. Inkling
    25. Springman
    26. Akira Howard
    27. Chorus Kids
    28. ExciteBiker
    29. Mach Rider
    30. Takamaru
    31. ROB
    32. Mii

    DLC Pack:
    1. Bowser Jr.
    2. Pauline
    3. Zelda
    4. Ness
    5. Isabelle
    6. Pushmo
    7. Ice Climbers
    8. Little Mac
    I swear to God, if Nintendo makes Kid Icarus Fighting Game, I won't be happy due to fact that roster could have boring picks.
    If you read this Backwards perfectly, then you're a legend:

    .sorB hsamS llik ton, sorB hsamS htiw etaroballoc lliw susrevitluM
    Torgo the Bear
    Torgo the Bear
    Tbh I highly doubt they’ll collaborate, but I also highly doubt they’ll kill it
    Tankman from Newgrounds
    Tankman from Newgrounds
    Yeah, or they can do both at the same time.
    Who knows? I bet that Multiversus won't die very quickly, but I believe it could have possibly same popularity as FNF if new and very popular character will come to the Game.
    Torgo the Bear
    Torgo the Bear
    Multiversus will only become popular if the gameplay is good. If not, it will die off regardless of which characters are included.
    1. Green Hill Zone
    2. Angel Island Zone
    3. Death Egg
    4. City Escape
    5. Planet Wisp
    6. Virtua Beach
    7. The Shrine (Virtua Fighter)
    8. Plaleaf (Fantasy Zone)
    9. Planet Geeza (Space Harrier)
    10. Amusement park
    11. Isle of Shrina
    12. Mementos
    13. Dream Valley
    14. Umbra Clock Tower
    15. Platinium Stars
    16. Primp Town
    17. Dezolis
    18. Monkey Course
    19. Tokyo District (Yakuza)
    20. Shenmue Town
    21. Adder Lair
    22. Golden Axe Stage
    23. Greece (Altered Beast)
    24. Destroyed Tokyo
    25. Shinobi Town
    26. Curien mansion
    27. Terraport
    28. Mt. Eternal
    29. Space Channel 5
    30. Grand Imperial Theatre
    31. West Coast
    32. Shibuya Downtown
    33. Badville Mansion
    34. ChuChu Rocket stage
    35. Earth (Toejam and Earl)
    36. Planet Sonata
    37. Ocean
    38. Chilly Castle
    39. Crisis City
    40. Ice Cap/Ice Cap Zone
    41. Rent-A-Hero stage
    42. Burning Depths
    43. Stage 1 (Gunstar Heroes)
    44. Valkyria Chronocles Stage
    45. Underworld (Altered Beast)
    46. Vocaloid Arena
    47. Cybertroops Virtual-On stage
    48. Daytona Speedway
    49. Samba Studios
    50. Madworld Stage
    51. Carrier Zone
    52. OutRun Beach
    53. Dragon Canyon (Panzer Dragoon)
    54. Alien Soldier Stage
    55. Galaxy Force Stage
    56. Sega Hard Girls stage
    57. Comix Zone
    58. What's Inside (Dreamcast Advert)
    59. Segata's Woods Dojo
    60. Race of AGES
    Adding Duck Hunt Dog and Duck before Captain Falcon in Mario Kart 9 (Non-existent) would be a Nintendo's possible Hugest Mistake due to fact that F-Zero was Nintendo's Racing Game IP and Duck Hunt Dog was hated Nintendo character, so it would be worst character to include in Mario Kart due to hatred of many fans and it would be an Insult for F-Zero fans when they will realize that hated Dog was added before Professional Galactic Racer.
    I don't want to imagine this Timeline with Duck Hunt Dog over Captain Falcon being added in future Mario Kart 9.

    (That's my Unpopular Opinion, so no offensive stuff for Duck Hunt fans)
    My base roster newcomer prediction for Multiversus:
    1. Johnny Bravo (Bruiser or Tank) (Plays like Captain Falcon)
    2. Rick (Rick and Morty) (Ranged/Mage) (Plays like Palutena due to Teleporting and shooting)
    3. Mordecai and Rigby (Ranged/Mage) (Stance Fighters like Pyra/Mythra)
    4. Gandalf (Ranged/Mage) (Plays like FE Robin)
    5. Gumball (Assassin)
    6. Ben Tennyson (Shifter: New role)
    7. Powerpuff Girls (Assassins) (Trio Fighter)
    8. Samurai Jack (Assassin) (Plays like Takamaru if he was playable or Marth)
    9. Fred Flintstone (Tank) (Plays like Wario with Ore Club)
    10. Scorpion (Assassin)
    11. Paperboy (Joke Pick) (Plays like Mr. Game and Watch)
    Third Party characters I could really wanna see in Future Tekken titles:
    • Akira Yuki (Virtua Fighter)
    • Kazuma Kiryu (Yakuza)
    • Scorpion (Mortal Kombat)
    • Nightmare (SoulCalibur)
    • Ryu (Street Fighter)
    • Terry (Fatal Fury)
    • Iori Yagami (KoF)
    • Fulgore (Killer Instinct)
    • Pepsiman
    • Ronald McDonald
    • Sol Badguy (Guilty Gear)
    • Captain Falcon (F-Zero)

    (Note: The post is inspired by Wario Wario Wario's comment, where he told about Colonel Sanders and Angry Birds in Tekken 7 being planned to appear in T7 Roster)
    (Additional Note: Don't get me wrong about Scorpion in Tekken franchise, I just wanna see character, who has Blood effects in Game)
    What if in Alternate Universe Timeline, Multiversus would be just Nintendo Crossover instead of Warner Bros?
    How would you react?

    My reaction could be: "That's fine, at least it's Nintendo Allstars"
    Since you've heard about SEGA Traditional Fighting Game, now get ready for.....
    NINTENDO TRADITIONAL FIGHTING GAME (Has similarities to SEGA Fighting Game)
    The Roster:
    1. Mario - "Mr. Nintendo Fighter"
    2. Bowser - "The King of Koopas"
    3. Rosalina & Luma - "The mother of Cosmos)
    4. Peach - "The sweetest Princess"
    5. Donkey Kong - " King of the Jungle"
    6. King K. Rool - "Kaptain of Kremlin Krew"
    7. Yoshi - "Mario's unextinct companion"
    8. Wario - "Man with greedy spirit"
    9. Ashley - "The Witch from next door"
    10. Link - "The Eternal hero of Hyrule:
    11. Ganondorf - "Evil Wizard of Hyrule"
    12. Samus - "Galactic Bounty Hunter"
    13. Ridley - "The Space Pirate of death"
    14. Fox - "Leader of Team Star Fox"
    15. Krystal - "The Cerinian Vixen"
    16. Kirby - "Pink Ball of Terror"
    17. Meta Knight - "The Knight of Planet Popstar"
    18. Red (Pokemon) - "A man with his Pikachu"
    19. Mewtwo - "The psychic Bio-weapon"
    20. Marth - "Heroic swordfighter"
    21. Tiki - "Naga's Manakete"
    22. Captain Falcon - "Galactic Punching racer"
    23. Olimar - "The Veteran Astronaut"
    24. Chibi Robo - "The robotic pint-sized fighter"
    25. Pit - "Palutena's Bodyguard"
    26. Palutena - "The goddess of Light"
    27. Shulk - "The monado Master"
    28. Springman - "Fighter full of springs"
    29. Akira Howard - "The Dimensional Police fighter"
    30. Inkling - "Part Squid, Part Kid"
    31. Ring Fit Trainer - "Ring-fighting Trainer"
    32. Villager - "The innocent child"
    33. Little Mac - "The lightweight boxer from Brooklyn"
    34. ExciteBiker - "Racer with exciting skills"
    35. Mach Rider - "The Rider from 2112"
    36. Captain N and Duck Hunt - "A dog, a Duck and Zapper Hero"
    37. Urban Champion - "The Champion of Streets"
    38. Takamaru - "Samurai from Murasame Castle"
    39. R.O.B. - "Robotic Operated Brawler"
    40. Mii - "Fighter of many faces"

    Any Ideas for Nintendo Fighters?

    And so far, the Arcade Mode boss is Master Andross, which is Andross fused with Master Hand and Crazy Hand.
    If I made SEGA Traditional Fighting Game (With similarities to Fighters MegaMix, Tekken and Dragon Ball FighterZ) roster:
    1. Sonic - "Fastest Bruiser alive"
    2. Team Chaotix - "CrocoBeeLeon Trio"
    3. Dr. Eggman - "Scientist with 300 IQ"
    4. Akira Yuki - "The true Virtua Fighter"
    5. Jacky Bryant - "American Virtua Brawler"
    6. Space Harrier & Opa-Opa - "Duo from Galaxies of Fantasy Zone"
    7. Axel Stone - "The Raging Street Fighter"
    8. Vyse - "Steampunk Traveller"
    9. Joker - "The Great Phantom Thief"
    10. NiGHTS - "The Dream Bringer"
    11. Bayonetta - "The Gun-wielding Witch"
    12. Arle Nadja - "Puyo Puyo Powerhouse"
    13. Nei - "The Star of Phantasy"
    14. AiAi - "Rolling Ball Monkey"
    15. Kiryu - "Japanese Yakuza"
    16. Ryo Hazuki - "Teenage bruiser of Shenmue"
    17. Gilius Thunderhead - "The Mine Dwarf of Axe battling"
    18. Centurion - "The Animal shape-shifting Warrior"
    19. Raidou - "The Warrior from SMT"
    20. Rikiya - "The Brawling Master from House of Dead"
    21. Joe Musashi - "High-skilled Ninja"
    22. Vectorman - "Anti-Pollution Fighting Orbot"
    23. Alex Kidd - "JanKenPon Fighter"
    24. Ulala - "Rythmiic Girl of Galaxy"
    25. Sakura - "The Mech Samurai"
    26. BD Joe - "Crazy Taxi driver with Fighting skills"
    27. AGES - "Artificial Game Electronic Soldier"
    28. Segeta Sanshiro - "Master of Sega Saturn"

    Ideas for SEGA Fighters?
    If Boyfriend (FNF) was in Smash, I could want him as Spirit character or Mii Costume rather than Playable Character. And he is not worth being playable due to Beep Booping himself, which he looks so unarmed (Not counting Arrows, since they exist in his Imagination).
    Imagine Kamek in Smash Infinite by Venus.
    He would be broken, because he could turn players into Enemies, making them unable to Attack.
    Also, he could make Enemies in attacks grow, which it could bring fear to opponent on 1v1.
    Mario Universe -> Mario in excitebike bunbun -> ExciteBike universe -> ExciteBike and Mach Rider are both vehicular games -> Mach rider takes place at Futuristic world -> Mach Rider and F-Zero take place in same universe -> F-Zero is in Space -> F-Zero and Star Fox are in same universe, but they are located on each other sides of universe -> Star Fox Universe.

    Conclusion: Mario Universe and Star Fox universe are shared universes.
    Tankman from Newgrounds
    Tankman from Newgrounds
    Damn, this theory is weird, but I would be cool if we had Mario X Star Fox crossover game.
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