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Tankman from Newgrounds

Howdy, I'm Corporal Jonathan "John" Captain, a.k.a. "Tankman" and I'm coming from Wartorn City in Utah State, USA on Earth in NewgroundsVerse (It takes place I 20XX in Future timeline). I'm also Newgrounds Mascot, who dethroned Pico for unknown purpose.

If you want to know, I'm not a real Tankman from Newgrounds, but rather a parody of him, which is like SMG4's Mario I guess...
Also, I really like old games, which they give me nostalgia despite I didn't existed during those times, but they still look cool (Which is actually anemoia).

In Real life, name's Cezary and I'm from central Europe. I'm a teenager, who likes Super Smash Bros from first sighting. Also, I'm the one of people from Poland to be on Smashboards.
I really like video games (mostly platformers, fighting games and shooter games), pop culture (mostly anime/manga, movies and cartoons), astrology, architecture, history, geography, mathematics, any kind of art and physics.

I joined smashboards because I was banned from YouTube back in July 2021 and I wanted to find a place on internet where I could spend time with people.

Schools graduated:
- Elementary school (late 2014-mid 2022) (passed)

Currently studying:
- Middle school (late 2022-present)
Jan 15, 2007 (Age: 16)
Mushroom Kingdom outskirts (Don't enter the pipes)
Former parody of Tankman, now pop culture specialist.
Smash 64 Main
Melee Main
Brawl Main
Project M Main
Smash 3DS Main
Smash Wii U Main
Mega Man
Smash Ultimate Main




Most wanted Characters for Smash: Jonesy (Fortnite), Space Harrier, Opa-Opa, ExciteBiker, A pokemon from gen 8 or 9, Andross (Star Fox), Space Invaders, Waluigi, Kratos, Master Chief, Takamaru, Dr. Eggman, Crash, Centipede (Atari), Dixie Kong and Doom Slayer.

Least wanted characters for smash: Most of fighters that don't make sense to be in the roster (Notably Non-sense joke fighters like Tree from Duck Hunt).
(I think I just got used to wanting 4th party characters for smash)

Most wanted for Multiversus:
First parties: TOM (Toonami), Mordecai and Rigby, Samurai Jack, the Eds (Ed, Edd and Eddy), Fred Flintstone, Ruby Rose, Scorpion, Johnny Bravo, Dexter, Gumball Waterson and Dr. Manhattan (DC).
Third parties: Anyone who was connection to Warner bros. company (Like Sonic, Ryu, Pikachu and etc.)

Least wanted characters for MVS:
First parties: I dunno, character who don't make sense in fighting game.
Third parties: Characters or their companies who don't have any connections to Warner Bros. discovery & their media (except Nintendo characters, because I unironically want Mario in MVS) and characters who don't make sense in fighting game.

Taz got in, baby!

My Smash Ultimate mains:



Multiversus mains:
Taz, Jake and Shaggy


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