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Tankman from Newgrounds
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    I'm gonna celebrate it and no one else, since everyone is sleeping or going to work or even spend time with their families.
    So, I'm Polish guy here and I can only celebrate that Day.
    How to Main Space Harrier in Smash Bros:
    • Spam Neutral Special at Opponents
    • Play "Aftershock by Macky Gee" or any Techno Bass Music while maining Space Harrier on Elite Smash
    • Fly over stage to Camp from attacking you
    • Use his Final Smash: Uriah the Dragon to Finish Opponents
    • Wavedash and Wavedrop to mock the Enemy or T-Bag over the Egde to mock the Opponent's Death or even Taunt to make opponent Quit
    • Use his Side B: Komainu Rush to Attack the Enemy without a Warning!
    • Kill Opponents while Mid-Air
    • B E A Z O N E R in every match
    If SEGA content was added into Fortnite (aka Cringe Battle Royale):

    Male Skin: Space Harrier
    Harvesting Tool: Golden Axe
    Backbling: Sonic (Pet Backbling)
    Glider: Opa-Opa (Fantasy Zone)
    Music: SEGA Arcade Medley (Space Harrier, OutRun, Hang-On and AfterBurner)
    Wrap: SEGA Logo
    Built-In Emote: "Get ready for the Fantasy Zone!"

    Female Skin: Ulala (Space Channel 5)
    Harvesting Tool: Puyo Smasher (Hammer made out of Puyos)
    Backbling: AiAi (Pet Backbling)
    Glider: F-14 Tomcat (Afterburner)
    Music: SEGA Console Medley (Sonic, Alex Kidd, Jet Set Radio and Yakuza)
    Wrap: Dreamcast
    Emote: Space Rythmm (Based on Space Channel 5 Dances)
    Adding the Non-sensical Joke Character before Andross is a Huge crime.
    Example: PeridotGX's Mario House gets before the Andross it doesn't have any Sense.

    Lesson: First put Andross in the Roster, later add nonsense stuff after him.
    If Fox got Rework for Smash 6/Smash Infinite, those are things that I should Change:
    • Neutral Special should have Reticle for aiming, which it could have Reference to Star Fox games,
    • Change Fox's Up B to an Scaled Arwing yo fit more his Home Series,
    • His side B should be Smart Bomb Throw comparing to His Fox Illusion,
    • Fox Illusion should be his Dash Attack, but nerfed,
    Adding Andross from Star Fox In Smash would cause funny memes to appear in SSB Community and Fandom.
    Andross Memes be like:
    • Hoes laugh
    • Hehe Funny Monke with Hands
    • OH look, it's Harambe's Grandfather
    • Ah heck naw, Andross has Lanky Hitbox
    • Who Would win: Melee Fox vs Andross?
    I can imagine there being this one, incredibly annoying ****post of a deep-fried image of Andross's gigantic, disembodied head next to Master Hand and Crazy Hand with some ridiculous caption like, "FINALLY, A PUFF COUNTERPICK", and it winds up trending on Twitter because some bot breaks and posts it 83,739 times to the r/roblox subreddit and Twitter blows up talking about it
    Tankman from Newgrounds
    Tankman from Newgrounds
    Yeah or Imagine this Meme:
    Andross Mains when they activate their Final Smash:
    "I have only Brains to rule over Lylat Battlefield!"
    Imagine Space Harrier joining Smash Bros. 6 or BATTLE OF AGES (SEGA Smash Bros).

    The post was made by Intellectual OG SEGA Fans.
    I dont know why are people on Infinte Thread are so Angry?
    They should be calm, not a bunch of Angry people over a FanGame.
    I tried to stop them, but no one listened to Me.

    Sigh.. Guess I need to wait for the time, where they will be calm as Heck.
    BOYFRIEND FROM FNF is unlikely character for Smash Roster:
    Bad Qualities:
    • FNF and Newgrounds are very Obscure in japan, adding him would cause Eastern players to be confused about FNF and Newgrounds.
    • He's too one-dimensional to join.
    • Nothing interesting in his moveset potential, which he only Sings with arrows.
    • Has Non-VG media, which it difficults the Inclusion
    • He would composite Newgrounds stuff for no Reason, which it could be waste of ideas for Newgrounds Characters like Henry Stickmin in Smash.
    • Adding Him in Smash Bros would cause:
    • Adding Unfunny, Obnoxious and stupid memes,
    • Unnecessary Shippings like BF X Peach,
    • Stupid Ideas for Crossovers like FNF X Smash Bros,
    • Bringing Edgelords, Fan-shippers and toxic people from FNF to Smash Bros, which is very bad,
    • Rule 34 Artists and Cringy Animators.
    • Adding Flash Game character could be an big Issue for his Inclusion,
    • He was never appeared on Nintendo Consoles,
    • His Game is still developing/unfinished, so it could decrease it's chances in Smash.
    Redeeming Qualities:
    • He could have Moveset potential, although it's still Unlikely for Newcomer,
    • He could represent Newgrounds in Smash,
    • The adult Jokes in the Game could be toned down,
    • FNF Devs could be happy if he was Added in Smash,
    • It could be like Inclusion of Sora with Goofy and Donald, which it removes Tankman & Hank Wimbleton from Smash like Sora lost Goofy and Donald due to 4th Party character rules,
    • His music and remixes could sound perfectly in the Game,
    • His game got nearly on Nintendo Switch Consoles.
    Being Salty is most natural feeling that only Nintendo Haters have.
    Virgin Banjo and Becky Kazooie:
    • It's Just Bear and Bird duo, they can't handle everything.
    • Scrimblo Bimblo gameplay.
    • Their World has too much eyes, which it can cause Nightmare Fuel by accident
    • He's scared of Curse Words, because his mommy would punish him.
    • Their age is ambiguous, meaning that they're ageless Creatures.
    • Their language is weird and misunderstandable.
    • He only says Guh-Uh with unfitting voice.
    • Thinks that if he defeats Mario in SSB only one time, then he will be depressed forever.
    • The places of the game have Bad names like Click-Click wood.
    • The villain is just a Stereotype Witch.
    • The final boss fight is somewhat good, but it has repetitive character.
    • Doesn't have Pop-culture References.
    • His Reboot is so Really unforgettable that it gives people nightmares.
    • Their songs are Annoying, but somewhat good.

    Chad Conker:
    • Only Squirrel himself and he can handle everything.
    • Scrimblo Bimblo Gameplay mixed with random stuff like Tank Riding, Chad isn't it?
    • His world doesn't have too much eyes, his world reflects real world for purpose.
    • He doesn't give a snap about saying Curse Words since his Mommy doesn't exist.
    • He is 21 year old and he is and he feels like an Adult.
    • He can speak English.
    • his voice is really funny with fitting and Comedy Gold of video games.
    • If he defeated Mario in SSB, he won't care about his failure.
    • The places of his game have really normal names like It's War.
    • The villain is Panther King, who needs him as leg for Table.
    • Final Boss Battle is fight against Xenomorph in Spaceship.
    • Has plenty of Pop-culture References
    • His reboot is very forgotten, so people pretend that doesn't exist.
    • His songs are Great and memorable.
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    Reactions: Mamboo07
    You're entitled to your opinion and all, but as someone who's played and loves both games I think Conker is as much of a "Scrimblo" as Banjo, especially considering they both debuted in the same game.

    Just because it's an adult oriented game doesn't suddenly make Conker less cartoony. I'd honestly go as far as saying that Conker is more "Scrimblo" than Banjo solely because he behaves far more like a Looney Tune than his counterpart.
    Tankman from Newgrounds
    Tankman from Newgrounds
    Maybe you got the Point, but Conker's slighty realistic than Banjo, because in Banjo you can he non-existing in Real life ability that you can turn into Animals, but in Conker, you can ride tanks and kill enemies with blood and it's realistic in my opinion. And Conker is more serious Scrimblo Bimblo than Banjo, since it sometimes uses Dark Comedy or dark themes.
    Admittedly you're making me want to revisit Conker, but regardless.

    Conker can literally turn into an anvil and got turned into a bat at one point. At least Banjo transforms with magic, so it's got some explanation, Conker just turns into an anvil because he feels like it lmao. And may I also bring up the fact that the game literally froze on Conker and he took advantage of that to kill the Xenomorph during the ending. And that's not to mention all the weird crap (Including the literal pile of crap with googly eyes) Conker faces during his adventure.

    My point is that just because something is darker or grittier doesn't necessarily make it more "realistic". You finding more enjoyment in the more mature themes is perfectly acceptable, though.
    My Glow Up meme:

    Snotty Boy: Newgrounds artists and R34 artists
    Titan: Tumblr artists
    Bus: Their art
    Roxanne: Everyone
    Metroman: Deviantart artists
    Megamind: Video Game designers
    Dreamworks (subsidiary of Universal): Drawing on paper Artists
    Universal: Classical Artists (Like Leonardo da Vinci, Salvador Dali, etc.)
    Virgin vs Chad: Nintendo Franchise Edition.
    Fire Emblem
    Wizard: Animal Crossing
    Incel: ARMS
    Virgin: Splatoon
    Basic: Star Fox
    Brad: Metroid & F-Zero
    Chad: Pikmin & Kid Icarus
    Giga-Chad: Mother
    Thad: Pokemon
    Lad: Kirby & Yoshi
    Dad: Legend of Zelda & Donkey Kong
    Gad: Mario & Super Smash Bros.

    Ironically, Among Us and Friday Night Funkin' got so really popular because of Newgrounds Website and Flash Games on it.

    Tankman's Truth Facts will return this Evening in Central Europe time.
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