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  • thanks man, thats some good stuff and exactly what i was lookin for...

    i really like the down smash idea if i react late because of the fact that it is semi-unpunishable on shield

    i guess i just dont react fast enough but its tough when they have a frame 1 shine that usually starts their own combos @.@

    thats all i can think of for now but ill hit you up later as stuff comes up...

    got a big tourney in nc this weekend where im focusing on the doubles side of things

    in teaming LoZR and gonna try and take out DrPP...we will see

    thanks again

    question #2

    tech chasing spacies

    i tend to get punished for reacting late...

    M2K says to guess and up smash there...

    Tope seems to get it consistently...

    your thoughts?
    alright, question #1

    how do you cg shiek w/ shiek at low percents?

    i cant seem to regrab if they di up and away...

    is it guaranteed? and if so what is the best type of grab to use, jc?

    thanks bro
    I you think my info could help pichu's metagame could you make a thread in the pichu boards I really wish I could come back. I have no self faith. If I make it back well something good.
    You know how much s*** was thrown in my face for pichu stuff? I was banned from the melee boards. But heres some stuff like might like.

    peach and zedla can't grab pichu out of his jab meaning they can't punish that sheild pressure.

    pichu loses his clothing during d-tilt even with a metal box it diaappaers.

    fair on thier sheild you always get the grab.

    pichu's side B can be canceled most useful place would be rolling to one end of PS and fully charge it and it cancels the lag if you don't hit anyone

    all air moves can set-up a grab.

    F-throw off a platform to fair or nair(at lower%s) =garb

    And I discovered more if you look at some of my videos.
    You know pichu is much more techical than pikachu right? pikachu's up-B has 2 or 3 times of a larger edge sweetspot than pichu's. pichu has a much faster SHFFL a bunch of stage tricks like om cor. their is a spot where his B goes backwards.

    this is how I learned how to waveshine this is much harder, I discovered it and everything trust me me you wouldn't even want to learn half the tricks I have discovered or even half of this one. funny how I was banned from the melee boards huh?
    theres soo many rappers from Toronto its not even funny. Most just dont make out it due to the lack of connections from other artist, producers and especially advertisers. Like Drake was pretty lucky. Lil Wayne friend new a guy whos in touch with Drake so Wayne friend got a hold of his previous mixtapes, room for improvment and comeback season. Basically Wayne listened to two song and hit up drake and put him in a plane to houston and meet up..and in that session, I think that when they recorded Stunt Hard, I Want This Forever and Ransom.

    but on the real, my only fav song like for sure: Hustla Muzik.

    the rest are nice like, Mr. Carter and stuff but Hustla Muzik is something else.
    I'm so high even when I'm comin down
    Just met a girl said she from the h-town
    Said my name was drizzy
    And ain't nobody reala
    Cup inside a cup
    Smokin ghostface killah
    Got these boppas goin crazy
    ***** I'm the man
    I sent ya girl a message said I'll see you when I can
    She sent me one back
    But I ain't never read it
    Cause *****'s only ***** and I get it when I need it
    And I'm tellin you
    'Cause we like her and we like her too
    and we like her and we like her too
    and we like her and we like her too
    and we like her and she like us too
    and ooooooh...

    i wish i could **** every girl in the world
    i wish i could **** every girl in the world
    i wish i could **** every girl in the world

    this song is soooo fire.
    my john for the tourney is that my dad wouldnet let me sleep over at someones house. so basically i had to bus there early in the morning and bus back the same night.

    he wouldnt let me sleep over cause the weekend before that i slept over my cousins house for like 3 night. Friday, Saturday and Sunday and came home monday night lol. i mean like it was all-star weekend hahe.

    yeah you had a legit john for not making the tourney though. Family>Smash for sure. Also I need american sheik practise haha. I think you weren't playing your best in Nigara tourney and you were having a bad day.

    yeah i think drake is my new favourite rapper.
    alright scroll down a bit the page and you should see the link "Drake So Far Gone Download here"
    his tracks are raaaape.
    im using the bonus song for my combo video or the "best i ever had"

    best i ever had.

    congratulations (bonus track) <-search in limewire it doesnt come with the download. it comes with the real mixtape you buy.

    two of my favs from his mixtapes.
    theirs so much more.
    haha i see i see
    right now im like a drake fan haha.
    have you heard the tracks from so far gone mixtape and the bonus song "congratulations" ?
    ?? i have no idea what show u'r talking about. it may have been teczero talking about it.

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