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  • Well if you really want to we can play but if I stop moving for a few seconds it's because I'm coughing up my left lung. Oh and if you got aim you should talk to me in there instead over this messaging system.

    What's your FC?
    I just got off the phone with the tech support at my school, and after a little connection schooling on my part, we finally got my internet to work. I'll be online shortly!
    P.S. prepare for Lag!
    awe I was online sometime ago and noticed you were to but you were busy b-w-a-w-l-i-n-g =( replaced me have you? xD

    /10rejections =P

    Anyways I've got that blimmin testing to do... dtilt, dair and her ftilt are seriously interesting me right now
    I would if I could Sinking, my Wii's been in for repairs for a week. When I get it back I'll take you up on that offer though.
    Awe man!!!! You always catch me at a bad time =O as in, a time that I can't play lol =(=(

    We shall play again, I shall make this my personal goal in life =/ .... or not... but whatever, you might want to test this out: http://www.smashboards.com/showthread.php?t=218082 - specifically the dtilt > dizzy stuff to sweetspot.

    I have a feeling it can be shielded in time, but I need to know from another person trying it!! You need to try a fresh dtilt at certain percents and then see if you can sneak in a buffered SH Bair for the sweetspot before they can shield or move away.
    Hahaha! Early morning for you no doubt... it's 4 in the afternoon over here =O I'm at unt atm so I can't >.< lol you always catch me at a bad time! U up for some games tonight though?
    Yep! Though I've just finished playing someone >.< and closed the wii, so I can't play right now!

    2moro fo sho
    Online match? Eh, why not. Trying to get my internet to work is a little weird, but if it isn't up tomorrow, It'll be up the next day [have to get past stupid college system blocks, which takes a little "finaegling" if you will. I'll shoot another message your way when it's up to set up a time.
    Eeeeh I don't really have "scondaries" because I probably would never ever use them in tournament play. I just use whomever to have fun.
    Yes Snake is so freaking cheap. But I enjoy using him to read people into f-smash. Good job on working on your patterns. Kinda makes you wish we could just walk next door and play eachother yeah? lol
    hey sinking - I don't have a wii until wednesday which SUCKS =( but we'll brawl then I'm sure.

    O.O I see you fought DM. Do well?
    Here are some patterns that I noticed while playing you. You seem to do these on auto pilot most of the time.
    1. Sheik-forward smash to downsmash
    2. Sheik-Too much get up attack on the ledge
    3. Zelda-Dash attack to dash attack (grab more if possible)
    4. Off the edge dair to bair (one my favorite moves) but yeah really easy to predict cause you never vary it.
    Keep practicing. :]
    Kitty kat??? lmao! It's gonna have to be tomorrow though =p I'm staying round someone's house and there's no no wii. But DEFInitelY tomorrow though!

    And also do you have any recording equipment to upload straight from wii to youtube, like a capture card or something???? I reeeally want to upload some replays!

    And erm yeah I discovered this true combo on Bowser and DK that works consistently --> It's dtilt trip > fair sweetspot. Add it to your guide so people know it =D
    hellooooooo! tell me do you have any recording equipment at all? I have some matches I'd like someone to upload to youtube for me ^^
    hahaha! unfortunately I can't now because I don't have access to my wii but we must definitely do so tomorrow at some point! ^^

    Just out of curiosity - is my Zelda any good? Because I blow very hot and cold =( mostly cold xD Your Zelda seems more consistent =D I was reading your guide and there's so much for me to learn :O
    I never really see online as competition or anything. It's never that serious. It's just funny how much worse we all play when there's lag lmao!

    And I genuinely do really bad at zelda dittos =(, but it's not that big considering zelda's rarely meet in tournaments.

    Also yeah! I don't mind doing whatever! Do you want to play now?!
    I was fighting someone from the peach boards ^^ Also it still says awaiting registration which means you havn't added my FC =(

    Also... this is like the 5th or 6th time we've tried to organise this xD We'll get there!
    Me? experienced? ^^ not in a million years =D But I can play now if you want ^^
    I've just got back from work so I'm up for a few games =D Unfortunately though it looks like I've missed you >.>

    Also... would you mind if I used other characters as well? I just crumble in Zelda dittos xD Bairs OoS are so disheartening!
    Hey Sinking, I was looking over your post in Silver's challenge thread regarding the needle and I remember you mentioning the fact that a single or full charge of needles is sometimes able to change your opponents direction [though we're still not sure how it works]. You also said that it probably lies in the opponents movements and I got to wondering, would it possibly depend upon if your opponent was inputting a direction on the control stick, whether it be C-Stick or Control Stick?
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