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  • Yeah sure! friday would be best for me because of our time differences, I can stay on the wii later on a friday too!

    Also... pre-battle, I officially SUCK at zelda dittos =( but I'll give it my best shot :D
    I'll play after i'm done with the kitchen i'll be done in 15 minutes ok. :) Sorry about that buddy. :(

    FC 1805-4015-6048
    Erg I can't play anymore for tonight, parents don't want me to -_-
    Well you could give me advice with Sheik with lag, cause I played the match in lag and I did horribly -_-
    Hehe well I'm about to play a tournament match in about 15 minutes, so after that :)
    haha wow now you can brawl O_O
    Well I messaged you like 6 and a half hours ago haha. Maybe next time then buddy :)
    Alright man that's nice of you. But I think I've gotten much better with Shiek, so we can just treat this as a friendly. Of course if you do anything special I'll learn from you :p
    Well you know what they say about assuming...lol
    I do live in Hawaii, but I'll find time to play you and we'll see what happens.
    I'm in Europe, neighbor country to France and Germany >_> it's not that the lag will be bad(although it probably will be), it's just that it will become really hard to get online at the same time xD
    xD soccer really does **** to you :p
    lol, my fc is 0302-1240-0730 but apparently we have a HUGE difference in time zone, as it shows me your last activity is today, 6:10am =O
    with the shiek stuff... oh and nice! Maby we could get a match in sometime... I've gotten a lot better since my nooby days =D
    xD I thought you were ignoring me :p I'm with a broken arm at the mment but I still play games anyways so that doesn't really matter :p I'll add you then
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