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  • Well, I'm on now, and I'm free for the rest of tonight. I'll be on for when you respond, so we can brawl anytime you're ready.
    Sure, just PM me a time you'd like to brawl and I'll see if I can be there. I'm free for the next few days, so any time should work for me.
    Lmao... you're right! Wrong wall! I should have posted all in the stickied thread.

    GGs nonetheless tho! Post that video in the sticky if you can, I don't care about quality. If you can see it, you can see it!
    That's what I was going to say!... Also I'm convinced there's something mysterious about the hitbox of the light orb inside din's fire. I believe it can beat out aerials that don't cover the enemy's entire hurtbox. Something to do with the positioning of that and targeting areas where the hurtbox is vulnerable.

    I believe there may be a chance to beat GnW's turtle if I do more research.
    Sorry I had to leave so early! GGs!

    I noticed a horizontal and very fast FW boost you did on pokemon stadium :> ... I wonder if you can recreate this with nayru's...?? Also... I'm convinced you can catch your opponent out with spaced sourspots... it's just tricky when there's lag. I need frame data!
    I'll be down for some wifi tonight. I'm working overtime right now but I'll be home eventually. I'm always available in the evenings of weekdays usually. What 5 letter gamertag will you be using on wifi?
    woop woop! get on now ;) and lets go on the chat. I have some setups I want to test out, but I need to figure out how I'm going to do that >.>

    I'm also going to play DM at some point because I'm taking Zelda a lot more seriously now. Granted its online but you can really pick up certain quirks others have by observation.
    Heeey! I can't do right now... you free this time tomorrow though? >.> It's tricky because of the time difference!!!!!
    Hey we can test that nair thing tonight if you're on... tonight being my time, which is probably your afternoon? I'm not too sure... but yeah... we should go on the chat thing and just test all random stuff... and then do some matches =D
    Lol ggs! The lag was funny!

    But I noticed stuff... I think there's a window of opportunity to connect dair to bair. I'm still not too sure... but hotgarbage said s/he will get me data soon ^^ We shall see!
    wait wait... you're online AGAIN!!! say yes for me??? If we play I can't be too long! Just get online now ^^
    alright cool, I always procrastinated in high school. I'm ready and online now
    I see why Wifi gives bad habbits, Normally I'm a very aggressive Sheik player but with the lag I have to be more campy and it really hurts my ground teching but yeah man it's fun fighting you, you'll notice I'm not using zelda as much. Trying to go all Sheik =P

    fun matches, (fyi: Samus is a hard match up for me, idk why)
    ok I'll be getting on now, you can go back to the chat. I was showering and gotta move my car for street sweeping
    Nah but my lil Bro has the Wii:(, lets try to get some matches in on Sunday or something because I have the State tournament coming up for my basketball team on Friday and Saturday of this week and next but i'm available on Sundays.
    Lol actually no i'm at school lol......sorry man we still need to play sometime though.
    hihi do you feel like wifi? my fc is 4640 4230 7805 gimme yours cuz i got a borrowed wii.

    10wots xD

    Nah I just changed up my routine a bit... I havn't really been online as much as before as uni's REALLY picking up with work and my job etc etc etc etc etc... it's all very tedious... but erm I shall play you very soon I'm sure ^^ good stuff!
    really, i would be down but i don't have a wii, and i haven't played brawl in almost two months now.

    i've been dedicating most of my time to melee, sorry. however, if i ever get my hands on a wii i'll give you a holler, even though i'd be mad rusty.
    Yea, I'm ready now so I'll play you now.

    The only thing I ask is that you only play FD.

    I have custom songs on other stages and FD is the only one that will play online.
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