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  • :O He never does that when we play together >:

    Thanks :D
    Whenever you see me online it means I'm ready to play.
    Oh, no problem. I thought you got angry at me :p

    Those U-smash juggles you did were crazy. I had no idea she could do that.

    K I'm coming. I'm a little rusty so give me a few rounds before you judge :p

    I'll add you now and host a room. My FC is in my profile.
    Aw poop I missed you. I'm totally free for tonight, otherwise it will have to be next week. If you get this let me know. I'll keep this window open, but if you have AIM my AIM name is "sinkinghigherr"
    Hey! I just realised you live in Canada. Let me know if you can brawl sometime on Wifi. Just friendlies, doesn't have to be serious.
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