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  • :) I'll try to call you actually lil guy. How ya been man? Dude I miss hanging out with you so much I just wanna rub all over your fuzzy lil head lololol jk dude. But I do miss you
    Dude you know I do. I want to so bad. I'm seriously missing those times at Whobo. But I just can't afford it. My car has been a pain in the *** ever since it broke down. Good news is it might be fixed soon. So I'll have to come to one of your smashfests or something. I'll bring some beer so your little *** can get drunk lol
    Dear Lord Almighty!

    Well, if Xyro is going, I'm going. I doubt he is though, since his job is ANNOYING him and he said he really doesnt wanna travel OOS until he gets a new job.

    BUT if I do go, I guess we can do Double Albert!

    So are we going to talk later or not? And what about other summer activities like camping, smash trips, etc??
    I'm not gonna be able to go this Saturday cause of the tests. >.O I'll probably go to some of the weekly tourneys though.
    I think I'm probably going to go to another tournament sometime again soon, so if melee can't make it for whatever reason you know where to look for a partner.
    Only thing is..I have these SAT Subject Tests. I'll PM you sometime this week if I'm able to be home on time for you guys to give me a ride. Are you sure it's not too far outa the way though?
    Sure, 10 hour drive! I would do it only to watch Inui's anus get child stomped again though. :O
    You replied to me back on your own page. I went back to double check, otherwise I wouldn't have read it. lol

    You're supposed to click "View Conversation" or click on my name and post it through there.

    And bleh, you should go. I need a rematch!

    Are you going to HOBO 16? I feel like going to jail for statutory.... I mean... feel like playing your Fox again.

    i read the thing about you beat inui way to put the guy in his place.
    ROFL heh heh who is that guy anyway ta me he sounds like a jerk off.
    Dude im so proud, PEOPLE ARE STILL posting about you like crazy. Im speechless and im proud to be your brother WOW...
    Lol compliments to your post as well as to your fox. :D

    Hope to see you again in future tournaments :D
    I expect you to be on the Fox boards more. Go to more tourneys and be a more active member on the Fox boards. We need players like you that shake up the place =D
    I can't, my wifi is slow. I'll be at dphats tomarrow though, hopefully. As long as I get a ride.
    Hey ruudy whats your cell number and i was wondering if u and your dad still had a spot opened in your car? I like to talk to u about it...
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