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  • I know, but there is almost always people there, and since I don't have any tourneys to go to or anyone to play, the best I can do is come here and theorycraft day after day.
    Most people in that thread are idiots, don't bother with the thread anymore, theres really no point other then to get flamed.
    Well, for one, if you don't mind me saying, All is Brawl is good for viewing upcoming tournaments (at least it's easier to navigate and find new stuff with its search function).
    I think the closest one for your area until others make another one before it is TourneyPlay (if you want to travel to Washington), or G.O. 3.0 (more closer obviously).
    Nice to meet you, I'm from Sherwood, and so is my friend Kevin. It's kinda cool to meet another bowser player so close to here. ^_^
    Ur from OR? Why don't I see you much? I'm sure my friend Kevin would like to meet you (he mains bowser too ^_^)
    First of all, thanks for giving me feedbacks.
    But as I've said in my post, I've still got things to work on.

    There's a "to do" list I've made.
    His Up Tilt is gonna be changed by an uppercut and his F-Smash will be changed into his F-Tilt kick. I guess you didn't notice the lists, my apologies.

    He's far from being done, but that helps me a bunch.
    As for the N-Air, I'm kinda wondering how is it harder... Because I can do 3 consecutive sweetpotted knees... And can gimp people off-stage with F-Air at mid-high %s down to their death (needs pretty good spacing though).

    Anyways, I'll fix his F-tilt as soon as possible.
    It's actually 7 AM and I haven't had any sleep just because I didn't feel like it.
    :laugh: Thanks again, man. I hope you'll still keep an eye on my Falcon!
    I have played on allisbrawl, on the ladders. That is where I lag.

    I can see how that is a problem, and when I play, I guess I'm predictable too.

    The problem is, I can pick up everyone, and don't really know who I'm best with. I'm good with;

    Mario, Kirby, G&W, Diddy, Zelda/Shiek, Pit, Falco, PT, Snake, Peach, Gdorf, ICs, Lucario, Ness, Sonic, Bowser, Toon Link, ROB, and C falcon.

    I'm best with Mario, Pit, PT, and Bowser.

    But I don't know who I should use at the tourney.
    I told a friend of mine to join this site. http://www.allisbrawl.com I told him this because he is somewhat like you in a way, I guess. He doesn't know anybody in person to play him and his connection isn't that great, either. Anyway, the reason I brought up that site is because on that site, if you decide to join, you can go into a chat room with different Smashers. It'll also show what state they're in like CA, MN, NY, FL, things like that. The chat room goes under the title "Free Play". You can also join the Ladder, but that has tougher opponents and shows your rank.

    As for playing CPU's, it has made me predictable. And being predictable in any Smash game is bad since your opponent will then know what you're going to do next. Basically you learn how to deal with the CPU and you figure out how to work around them. And because a CPU doesn't change its playstyle, you start to create these bad habits which make you predictable. Like comboing for example. Say I can do a dair > uair > bair. Most likely impossible, but it's just an example. You begin to do things like that instead of mixing it up to something like dair > dash > fair. Mixing it up makes you not predictable.

    As for finding a main, just use whoever feels right for you. There are some characters people can't pick up because they find it difficult to learn them. Here's how I chose my characters. Maybe you'll get an idea from it so you can also choose one.

    That wouldn't make you a scrub. That'd make you a n00b. But I look past both of those terms and you should as well. There have been some people who've never been to a tournament and they prove to be really good at the game. For example, there were two brothers who have never been to a tournament but I believe one placed first and the other placed fourth at a large tournament. Just do your best to learn about each character, practice against those characters and eventually you will get better. It takes time, but it's not impossible.

    Keep a positive attitude, too. It won't help you win alone, but it will most likely help you do better. Anger blinds you and negativity kills confidence. So if you're not good at this game right now, just keep trying. If you can't attend tournaments right now, just play people you know offline or play online. And I'm talk about people at your level and above your level. If you keep winning, you won't be getting anywhere. Also, if you do fight CPU's, avoid them. They give you really bad habits and as of now, I'm proof of that.
    Mostly the fact that I am not good at the game, and have attended a shocking total of 0 tournaments.
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