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a male platypus

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  • No idea.
    The Austin scene kind of breaks up during the summer. You just have to check in on it on the Austin thread each week to see if it was announced.
    As far as players go, I believe Shiken, Kerg, Joel, Collin, Erek and I comprise the players still "in-town".
    Mustafa, Mike2 and the Nameless Johner might still be "in-town", but IDK.

    If you REALLY want, you could ask Shiken to host something. He mentioned wanting to host during the summer.
    Umm... Basically, the Austin scene just gets together to play. We usually have one once a week.
    We usually play a good mix of singles and doubles, so it's pretty good for learning new things.
    Like I said in the thread, I didn't attend Elgin High School.

    You might want to consider going to Austin smashfests or at least reading up a bit if you want to continue to win money at tournaments. The metagame has probably changed a bit if the last time you played was '08/'09.
    I live just outside of Elgin, yes.
    Do you plan on attending Austin smashfests now or were you just putting your information up there to locate Elgin/San Marcos players?
    May I ask for a reason that you ask besides curiosity?
    PS: Platypus are my favorite animal.
    I had a lot of fun playing you man, this time and WHOBO. You're a really cool dude. You have AIM?
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