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  • ok thanx man i'll keep a look out for when i'll the vids are done. tell me watcha think about em :D. I really love what you guys did for samus xD. tooo goood lol
    Wait, actually... I got an idea... I dont wanna spam... Mind if I right you a guide and you add it to yours if you like it? I'll send it to you by PM
    Yes, I'm gonna be making a full texture creation CSPTool guide. One thing though is for making textures. Know anything about it??
    Im trying to use Brawl+ codes. But whenever i try it, it just freezes. It worked a while ago, but not anymore.
    hey can you help me. Im having the problem in which my Gecko OS freezes when i try to launch the game. It gets to teh part: Sd Codes found. Applying. Then it just freezes... Please Help
    so I already talked to you on youtube about playing. I now have the most recent codes; beta 4 and would like to play anyone who has the time.

    0387-8439-8094 We can play now or later. Thanks again and thank you for working on the project =)
    I hope i am not being a bother and that your the right person to ask this but do you think it possible to changes the textures on lets say Lucario to make him look like Marina Liteyears from Mischief Makers. ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mischief_Makers ) For the most part i think Lucario is some what the same as Marina well at lest how i play him i mainly grape. Now the blueness and the charge shot of Lucario may be a bit off though. Simply put do you think that its not too far off or if this is even doable.
    Falco, your SD card files code is old. It needs to be updated if people want to see the preview pictures of their character. Just telling you if they want to do more there's a version 1.1 that does that. You have 1.0. If you want the .gct file, I can give it to you.
    Hm... I do know its harder to string combos due to how the game seems so much faster, it takes some getting used to, but I like it since Wario can't be release CGed, I just need to get used to everything. Where is a totally updated list of Brawl+ changes?
    There is a bug with Brawl+ and Wario, his bike gives him a crapton of Hitlag when jumped off, and his chomp is slower then it should be. Also, the Waft lost lots of its hitbox.
    Yeah which is why I made it. I felt it gave the visual so people wouldn't get confused and with both (you phrased it amazingly) so they shouldn't screw up at all.
    Ok thank you very much. If you don't like it, I can always make another one. But I think I did a pretty good job and I referenced your guide multiple times throughout.
    Hey, I made a video tutorial on how to use texture hacks and I was wondering if you could add it to your guide when its uploaded? I'm gonna be uploading it shortly.
    Yeah, found out in one of the thread. v.v If any show up, can you let me know? I'll be keeping an eye out myself, but it doesn't hurt to have an extra pair of eyes out.
    Hey, question about the codes in the SD card texture swap codes: Do the codes work with PAL, and if not, where would I be able to find PAL codes for it?

    EDIT: And if not, are there at least codes for Japanese brawl?
    April 4th kk i'll c what I got also is it possible for brawl + to have a Dr. Mario costume =X that would be pimp lol
    Kk sounds good when is the next one btw =X

    edit - or a tounry in the cleveland area for that matter
    Hey can u upload a link and ganon match up for me so i can send it to rikana and he can make a sig for me.
    I know this person =X wish i would have done some friendies with you instead of bugging u all tounry to get that inf replay thing on my wii
    lol I just started my zss back up again and you seem to always find a way to skrew up DK vs Samus xD jk but seriously though you sd'd same way in the tourny lol.Oh yea one more thing your DK is quite hard to hit which is weird since he so **** fat lol.
    yo own1n great games lol i still find your DK the most troublesome rob vs wario was a great match btw ^__^ keep it up man your good.
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