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  • It's good, so obviously I want to contribute and make it as good as possible. It's the best chance we have at a comprehensive, helpful guide for new Wario players.
    Hey morphed, saw your post in the B+ thing. Use the nightly builds for now - they have the texture hack code implemented.
    I would like you to help me come up with a way to stop stalling in general... something that would discourage it greatly...
    You know what I think would be a good idea. If all of the people from the CPS get avatars like yours, it would make a cool trend. What do you think?

    I think it is (from that bowser cage minigame) :)

    I loved mario party 5. Definitely one of my favourite mario party games.
    Oh, okay. Heh.

    I can't tell whether people know or are missing that...I fail at detecting sarcasm/jokes.
    well sorry, I forgot it's like the M theory kinda tihng....

    hey, me too! if you want I can PM you mine or you can PM it to me?
    you also like to search deep into the (yet to be proven) alternate world which you call the "void"....is that right?

    you have AIM right?
    You can see the changelist here: http://www.mediafire.com/shanus

    That is also where the latest betas are at now since shanus is at home and cannot access his server he uses when he's at his school or whatever. Just DL the changelist in the most updated folder, be sure that you have the Gecko OS Brawl as well to use this set which is below:

    http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?gfnzmwmymvo (incase you don't have it hehe)

    Ignore MACOSX and just unzip it and drop it into the apps folder.
    Those are just your imagination, the Fart didn't lose any hitbox at all (it was not modified in any way). His bite is faster BECAUSE of hitlag.

    Wario hasn't changed at all specifically in Brawl+. The bike might feel different because of the lower buffering.
    You can always do the cool sports like gymnsatics (except vault, you could do the other 5 events)
    O don't want to sound rude, but I've always wondered, what's it like to be blind in one eye? I read somewhere that depth perseptipn isn't as good, is this true?
    Sorry I sound rude, you don't need to answer, Ive just always honestly wondered;)
    They have a pretty good camping game agaisnt wario with Blizzard walls and uairs. Grabbing wario is a pain though and you don't see IC players getting grabs often against them because wario is always in the air. If wario gets IC's off the stage one of them usually dies :/.

    I would say it's around 60-40 in warios favor.
    i hope so. we shall see the next time an issue comes up. i have hope though. now that it is obvious that the cps is on the line it could really help to prevent any future problems.
    It's ALWAYS me. I'll do it I suppose....but let me first see what Umbreon says. I want to see how all this unfolds. (Firus might really be gone, which scares me.)
    But he makes you feel like a ****ty person in the process, this isn't the first time it has happened. You argue your points so freaking hard, and they either get disregarded or shoddily glanced at.
    I'm NOT wrong, I'm so freaking right that it's not even funny.
    I'm not going to concede just to put the shop back together. My point is right, and I don't want it to be shoveled under the rug just like it always is.
    I didn't say I was sorry >_>
    DON'T PUT WORDS IN MY MOUTH XD jk jk, lol.
    Don't listen to Firus. You helped me calm down, and he couldn't have been helped. Thank you Morphed, I appreciate it.
    Uh, no, we haven't made up yet. I could talk to him on AIM, but he'd probably kill me. Unless he WANTS to talk on AIM calmly and friendly-ly.
    Would you ask him? He probably wants to rip my intestines out right now, but I still think I am 100% right.
    Haha, yeah, it's Azua. I recognize that avatar, location, and cold sense of....whatever she has. XD
    Umbreon understands us, we'll just....meh, idk. I need another break.
    Snake is the only character I can do besides cheapy MK that can kill Olimar, I need to get used to DACUS again, since I don't use it too much as Wario, only against certain characters. Also, reply to my post in the CPshop please, I want to get things sorted out.
    I HATE playing Snake. ALL of my losses come to Snakes on AiB. XD
    Yep, I'm up for a Brawl.
    Just a couple though, it's getting late and I don't want my parents to get mad if I'm up too late.
    I'll host.
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