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  • A facebook group for Ohio players
    oh ok
    oh and wow haha I'm 23. I would say it would be a little weird but i don't really care I just wanna play smash lol
    Pardon? I was at work when you sent this buddy :( I can play now though, if you respond in the next 10 :)
    we could, your online right now hey. lawl playing someone though, want to play me afterwords?

    just respond here when you want to play :)
    d00d want to play now? :D

    my tag online is ManTa so yeah, how about we play it sometime tomorrow, at around 3 my time, GMT-6??
    I work at what, 5:30 though so yeah
    take this ti VMS, sure thing. I'll take yo bait :)

    Want to play no camp, or able to do everything?
    Oh, I see. Well, I don't mind waiting awhile as I have the ACT coming up anyway.
    Hey, I know you're an awesome Samus and I just wanted to point out this quote from the Samus boards:

    "Just letting you guys know the link mains are discussing samus next. We're on AiB now if you didn't hear.

    If you guys don't have accounts there, we'd be happy to discuss here. Any input would be greatly appreciated."

    Would be great if you could comment, since I know you've fought Blubba Pinecone in the past.
    Ah, okay, well, maybe next weekend or something because the week after next weekend is my birthday >.>.
    Well, if I wasn't going to King Yoshi's tournament on Saturday, I would say Saturday. Perhaps you could make it to that and we could play it there? I think that'd be pretty badace.

    If not, the next best time you guys could come would be the following weekend (since Sundays are terrible for me and Friday I have something planned).

    It's awesome you got a license though, I'm uber jealous!
    I have a few of them, Dark Samus, this cool Zombie Samus, Master Chief, and this cool White Samus. No Phazon Suit though... -.- (the others looked cooler to me).
    Hey man, my place is good AFAIK. Just let me know when you plan to come and we can organize somethin'. Your Samus looked really good in Brawl+ and I've actually been messing with her myself some in Brawl+, I'm still having a bit of a hard time with the missile cancel timing for her Super Missiles (not the homing ones). But, I'm learning her. :p

    My DK is a beast in Brawl+ though >_>.
    Yeah, there were a couple of random not so good ones of the 17 Finnz gave me. I'm glad you enjoyed Brawl+ though. We gotta get together and play it, it's all I seem to be playing right now (although I still play Brawl... just not as often anymore >.>).
    FYI, I'm teh person who is uploading some of the Brawl+ matches from MWC E. Finnz probably told you someone was going to upload them, well, that person is me. It's taking me a bit to get the Samus and ZSS ones up but, I got two of them up so far. You can check them out in my channel below as well as any other Brawl+ matches:

    Yo KC,

    I just talked to Ray Kalm, another top tier Ganon, and he and I are interested in ditto teaming you and TAC for fun. You guys work really well together as a team, and I think there's something to be learned from that. We're not so much interested in forming a 2 Ganon team as we are in undergoing this little experiment. It should be fun, and I can record some matches if the lag is good. I mean, there's no denying that Ganon v Samus is the best match-up ever...MOM proved that to us with the Social Group. So if we put 2 top Ganons v 2 top Samuses...wtf is gonna happen. GANSAMGASM!

    I'm gonna be out of the country until the 20th of this month, but I'll contact you when I get back if you're interested. I'm sending this to TAC also. Sound good?

    <3 DAD
    Thanks. My Diddy Kong plays better offline, I was missing quite a bit of Glide Tossing. I'm a crazy mofo offline with Diddy Kong (especially in Brawl+ haha). I was a little sad at my performance with my Diddy but, oh well. DK is liek one of my fav. characters in Brawl so, I just happen to be too good with him at times. I've been tryin' new stuff with him to make him a bit different from when we last played. (Which oddly enough was a whole month ago haha).

    I had fun though. I messed up at the end of DK vs. Samus though, actually, I was messing up a lot in that match... my shield buttons were being stupid. The ending was quite dumb too because I meant to LEDGEHOP the charging punch. And of course, WiFi doesn't register that **** so I got fuxed. D:

    I'm pretty sure there was some delay, but, it didn't hinder me too badly except for in DK vs. Samus but, ggs. Wish I could show my friend who plays ZSS and Samus your ZSS and Samus, haha, he'd probably stop trying to play them after seeing what you do. XD
    I added you, I'm on daily so I'm sure we'll run into each other, otherwise you can just tell me to play you if I'm on when you are. :p
    Just add me and I'll get to adding you when I get online next (should be tonight, I JUST got my Wii back yayz!)
    Oh I should've guessed that my name is differnt on this site

    I faced you for a clan war awhile ago, my name was work! there
    lol dude im that dude who made blast away prime lol u probably dont even remeber but anyway just check youtube man ^O^ hollaaaaa
    hi, ill play you in samus ditto if you want even though i know ill get destroyed :). My Samus needs serious help anyways
    yo ima do this later on the weekend cuz i got a couple of things in school to take care of right now. but just look out for me,ill hit you back up
    Yea nothing i can do about that i had fun i msg u sometime later on and we could have some more friendlies :)
    yo vs. me please. i main samus and i think im better than you
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