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  • You're pretty much the only Samus I fight now. I don't even play against my brother anymore. It's not because I think he's too good or sucks. It's because anger rises and personally I'd rather not be the one getting angry or having to hear it from the other guy. About the Yo-yo, I noticed I was using it a lot and I noticed how often it was hitting. I was a bit surprised by that. I think I'd do okay if I went a tournament. Like I said in the chat room, "After fighting King Chaos, everyone else I fight feels like n00bs." At least it seems that way. *shrugs* I'm still having a hard time against that guys Pit, though. Smash after smash. It's rather annoying. XD I think I'll try and counter it with PK Fire next time.
    I feel maybe I've gotten a bit better. I'm still having a hard time with some match ups. Mr. Game & Watch is said to be an equal match up for Ness, but I don't normally fight that character. When I saw him, I freaked. I was expecting to win against R.O.B. D: I thought, "I've fought a R.O.B. recently! I can beat him!" Sadly I lost. I did my best not to let the loses get the best of me, though. :D I appreciate you getting NoNessNoProblem to play me today. I was expecting to play him this Saturday and Sunday which feels like a long time from now. But I got to play him today. So thanks again. :D
    Just so you know, it's better if you reply on my Profile. That way, I can check it as soon as you post it (I'm on swf everyday). It took me a week to notice that you replied. You don't have to reply to this, just so you know for the future.
    oh i didnt know that woops lol ok my aim is xxKingChaosxx ill add you and you add 4511 0166 8336 fight you when i see you on.
    It's against the rules to post challenge requests, unless your name is Xyro77. (._.") You'll probably get away with it, so you don't need to worry too much. I'll play against you. Just view my profile or look at any of my posts to get my FC+Location. If you have aim, even better. Reply with a PM to accept my challenge.

    EDIT: Too slow, you'll have to face me tomorrow.
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