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  • You seem to know a lot about the hacking stuff. Could you help me? ^_^

    Are there any WAD managers out there that work with an updated Wii? I can't seem to find any.
    Well that's why some of my replays weren't loading xD. Looks like this code does more harm that good eh?
    You rock dude. Thanks for explaining that to me :D.

    And yea, I already screwed up my game by using the music hacks lol. Not for playing online, but I didn't know what I was doing, and not having all of the songs unlocked didn't help either. Luckily the music reset codes fixed it.
    hey man do you know what you are doing with the music modifier code? i don't think anybody has really figured it out yet lol.
    Yo I live in youngstown OH and I want to get in the tourney scene, do you think it would be worth it going to the next tourney up in cleveland
    Hey that's shakugan no shana Avatra

    koolie's it look's nice...

    how are you if i may ask??

    yer sorry i like love that anima and yer... could not help my self with out saying hi lol
    hello there Falco400 nice shakugan no shana pic..

    how are you??
    what you been up to??

    well if you would like to vs some one look me up lol

    sorry for just droping butbut i seen you're pic and yer... just could not help my self lol

    well take care c ya latter's

    I've heard that some people are working on tapping into the SD card itself to have more space... but I dunno much about that.

    Also, nothing I proposed was to make Brawl more like Melee. I don't actually support that project, because I find it rather silly.
    Already knew about it. If you read the post, you'd see that I also asked if people could get around the line limit (although I thought it was 400 before I heard otherwise).
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