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  • what application is used to edit brawl? i was hoping to try out some character edits of my own, but can't find a NAME of any app.
    No one else is answering me one this so I decided to ask you. My textures I downloaded for my stages aren't working but the Character textures are working. help please
    hey falco400 write me back i will beat you so bad you will be sad!!!!!
    Yeah I got a game off of him.
    THE final match was too good. I held on for as long as I could against his R.O.B, we were Neck&Neck. But he got me in the end with that B-air.

    His Sonic beat my Fox 1 match cause of a unfortunate SD at the end.
    He was very good overall though.
    Lol. I saw it. XD
    The video's from the tournamen the should be on Youtube (somewhere...) by the 4th of July.
    Yeah I posted in it if you didn't notice. You should check out Test Your Might VI and see if you can go to that next month.
    That's cool. I assume that's mostly what you've been playing these past few days. :p

    By the way, I FINALLY went to a Tournament today. I came in 2nd place with Yoshi and won 36$. The competition is tougher than I thought.
    I read your post on putting in textures and I don't understand the .pac textures. Could you clarify or give an example.
    oh well dayumz. i think the ones that don't work should be included because they are pseudo cg's. all types of DI should be taken into consideration as if it happens of the moment(the cg), it's usually trial and error (di here, di there, jump there, etc). If you don't have it anymore, don't waste time to go back and get it. thanks though.
    k ill help test because (i know your list is premature) but it's missing a few, and some cg's fall into effect at certain % while some stop working. some cg's i dont mind because they are really about DI chasing but others are just too easy
    yea sorry man i'm not gonna be able to make it this weekend nor the next couple weekends. This weekend is just to hectic for me I gotta go shop for my prom tux saturday among other things. Then next weekend I got a prom to go to and the weekend after that lol. I'll get back to you when it looks like we can play.
    Posting your matches on youtube.com/solecalibur
    Should be up by the time you get his message if not enjoy the video I posted of Bboy getting pwned by byahh lol
    Btw got my SD card to woot wewt wewt Next comes brawl skins.... then the world!
    Could you link me to a topic that has all of PW's codes and how they work? I'm curious to see how the codes work.
    lol ok man and no cant do a tourny this weekend. no money plus my dad needs me. I did want to go to King Yoshi's though.
    I got my Liscense now. if you could give me your address so i can figure where you live that would be great. umm When you want me and my friend to come over and play some brawl+ with you?
    Well as of now I can't give you a solid answer. Give me about a week and I should be able to let you know. I need to see how things go with my new recent job before I plan any trips.
    Also, I'm trying this whole texture hacking thing out and I'm wondering if you can help me out with something. I'm following Illinialex24's video on Youtube right now, and I'm at the point where I copy/paste the codes from the text file onto the code manager. The thing is..the video skips straight to a point when it says "check all boxes", and everything appears to have already been inputted on his example, and since it skipped such a large visual step, I was left in the dust.

    So anyway, I'm copying the code names and putting them in the "code/comment/category name" box, then I copy all of the code numbers that pertain to each specific code and put them into the "code contents" box. What do I do at that point to basically add the code name and all of its contents to the checklist on the left? Do I click on "store modifications" at the bottom or "store name/id" in the top right corner? That way I can have all four codes ready to check off before I input the "game ID" in the top left corner like the video demonstrates?

    I just want to make sure I'm doing this right. Sorry for my unnecessarily long explanation of the situation. ^.^;
    Yeah I'll be busy with moving some furniture next Friday. Man...really bad timing on my part for sure. I'll be sure to keep in touch so we can get something going in the weeks to follow. ^.^
    Hi again Falco, I was wondering that if I cannot make it to the Middle of Ohio VI tournament today, would you be up for hanging out and getting some Brawl matches in? I even have my capture card here if you wanted some matches to be recorded. I figure you would like to stay sharp on a handful of matchups and I could help you out. It's your call, just let me know if you happen to log back on today. Thanks. :)

    P.S.- I'm at John Carroll University right now, and I remember you said it is a short distance from you when Soap drove us home, lol.
    NOOOO! i luv the phazon suit you should get it. :D. i'll try my best to pass my test asap cuz i wanna pway lol.
    lol ok sounds good man. Hope i pass my test this thursday and go out there soon. You have the sexy samus texture hacks?
    Ok I just got my copy of Brawl's iso so I should be making my guide soon. I'm gonna make an ultimate guide with texture editing for stages, items, and characters and how to make CSP's for it all :)
    as long as i pass my driving test next week i'll be able to go anywhere and stuff. I can bring a couple people and play some with you as long as we can find somewhere to play if we can go to your place.Your probably only like 30 mins from me.
    awe he didnt give you all of them i guess...V_V. There was one of my falco vs his ike that was nasty! and there were a couple more where i was samus but ok. thanx man
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