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  • If you're not actually arrested then get online sometime I need to know what you're doing this weekend, I have everything planned but I'm not sure what you're doing
    Teran's dead brother I buried that shrimp with the rest of the cruiserweights.
    SEXY SCOTSMAN? Do they exist? ;D

    I kid, I kid. Good luck with driving, tell me how that goes.

    You should have went onl holiday in Portland OREGON. You coulda bagged you a sexy catman... :3
    Get on facebook or Xbox, I have a lot of information for you, I'll be on one or the other all afternoon.
    They're going OKAY I suppose. Last time we talked was last Wednesday, but he sounded like he wanted to hang out again. Just waiting for him to text! He's been busy and sick and blahblah.

    And that's good you're busy! Better than being not busy and bored AF like I am :p
    Oh, well no biggie.

    Things with me are pretty gooooood atm. How about with you? :3
    Like there's anything wrong with that, never be afraid to express yourself.

    Keep fighting the good fight, bro.
    I went ahead and roombanned you until I see you plan on stopping with the inappropriate stuff since infractions don't send the message.
    In response to your other VM:

    Well...it's cause I remember reading an article about a similar situation and Microsoft made the guy change his GT (John Gaywood) to something else. They prolly updated and changed their policy on that by now tho.

    And it's going to be several months till it's my 6 year SWF anniversary. :c
    I mean I'm just gonna keep it at 10,000 until you've posted enough that you reach 10,000 naturally at which point I'd like it go past 10,000 :p
    Oh, mb for that wall of text. I guess I got a little excited/carried away :/
    Cool, it sounds like you definitely have experience since you said you've been to tournies. Perhaps you could beat me up on wifi sometime if you have the xbox version and when I get wifi.

    As for combos, I do those old school sky dance combos on my Dante, trying to get better at the bear trap combos for rocket raccoon (I use a xbox controller, I want to get the other controller), and on my point character vergil i'm working very hard on his combos/finding ways to use my current team's assists with him. This is probably my best combo so far, but i'm not used to charging up round about in real battles just yet. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R-JgBHzalSM&feature=channel_video_title I took what I learned from guides and what I know about my current assists and mashed it all together.
    I also have another idea on how I can use rocket raccoon's crappy assists to make a combo with vergil.

    Also i'm guessing what you mean by at the right time is when your worried about them opening you up or on a laggy normal?

    One more question. Where would you suggest buying those mvc3 controllers and how much are they?
    What is your team in umvc3? I use vergil, rocket raccoon, dante. I'm kinda a noob tho, but I've started to figure out how to use both dante's and rocket raccoon's assists to keep a combo. Any general tips for a new person for fighting human players?
    That's understandable. I couldn't actually afford it either. haha I put my ticket on a credit card. I don't regret it but I would have preferred not to do it that way.
    Man the thing is I will hate HHH forever if he breaks the streak, he should not be the one to do it, he has every ****ing accomplishment one could possibly hope for in wrestling he does not need to add to it.

    This all being said with me liking HHH, I liked him back when he was a wrestler who had a reason to actually build a legacy, now he has one it really doesn't need any more. :/
    Man he was kinda punked by Cena on Raw though but it's to be expected Cena's always the one that comes out on top >.>

    Also as much as Undertaker coming back is cool, it's annoying that we're going to have him face Triple H AGAIN >__>
    It's okay I dislike watching stuff on YT tbh.

    Well looks like fella won, although now I'm curious where this push will be taking him, seems a little odd I did expect Chris Jericho, but hopefully WWE can make something good of this (lol WWE Creative).

    Also I was disappointed with how the Kane Cena match ended with a double countout at first, but then I came buckets when he tombstoned Ryder, that was amazing!

    Then he ****ing chokeslammed Cena for good measure, brilliant.

    Also Kharma in the rumble was amazing she should have been there longer. :(
    No I forgot it even happened woops need to catch it then Raw asap lolololol
    So, I'm still waiting for you to like, stop being a bum and find the light that is AIM and/or Skype.
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