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Recent content by Pikaville

  1. Pikaville

    Ireland & Northern Ireland Thread!

    No use for Discord tbh, I can't do netplay or anything. NVM I JOINED ANYWAY!
  2. Pikaville


    Zombie Sheik FTW
  3. Pikaville

    What game are you currently playing?

    Currently trying out Smite and Paladins. Enjoying both a bit tbh.
  4. Pikaville

    Work In Progress The Smash Brothers: Armada - Production Thread

    I loved the original series so much.I joined the forums just as melee was starting to get next level with MLG picking it up etc, so was really fun to hear the pros and people's opinions and thoughts on what was happening around that time.
  5. Pikaville

    Ireland & Northern Ireland Thread!

    Prepare yourselves, an ancient force in Irish smash awakes. I'm coming to take my crown back.
  6. Pikaville

    What do you hate in Smash?

    I hate Marths stupid grab range. Peachs nair. The edges on battlefiled. (all melee btw)
  7. Pikaville

    Why did you choose your profile pic that you have now?

    Basically when I first joined all those years ago I was called Pikaville and had a Pikachu avatar. Many name changes and avatars later I came back to this name and since Akuma was my last username I decided to fuse my first and last avatars so people would kinda still know who I was.
  8. Pikaville


    *Patiently waits for Dr Doom or Sentinel reveal* I want my team robotface!
  9. Pikaville

    Has a game ever made you cry?

    Aeris dying in FF7 got me good when I was younger.
  10. Pikaville

    Tournament nerves?

    My advice would be try listen to music during your games, it helps a lot. Also just remember everyone is there to not only play but to have some fun. So take a couple of deep breaths and just relax and play like you usually do.
  11. Pikaville


    Loki would be sick.
  12. Pikaville


    Ahhhhhh, want more reveals!
  13. Pikaville

    If you could be any Fantasy RPG class, what would it be?

    Path of Exile Ethereal Knives Witch :3
  14. Pikaville

    A game you hate but everyone else loves?

    For Honor, Hearthstone, Street Fighter. All horribly overrated boring games.
  15. Pikaville

    What games/game series have you played that aren't really well known?

    Summoner 1 and 2 on PS2. Pretty damn good RPG's.
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