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Recent content by odinNJ

  1. odinNJ

    my goal: be a different smasher

    never said I don't blow huge **** at this game dog. But I get what you mean about the whole scapegoat mentality.
  2. odinNJ

    my goal: be a different smasher

    I mained roy for like a year and a half, had a few tournament wins, and some losses when I felt like I should have won. make sure you practice the game in general, play a bunch of characters on the side so you understand the game more overall.
  3. odinNJ

    Q&A -Fox Advice/Questions Topic-

    Aren't we talking about a grab on fd situation here? ^^
  4. odinNJ

    EXTENNNDUURRRRRR (samus gen. disc.)

    So basically shes not worth playing :D jk
  5. odinNJ

    Best showoff stuff?

    Idk, I meant more of like fun stuff to do in friendlies, like falcon moonwalking aerials
  6. odinNJ

    Best showoff stuff?

    What do you guys usually do to showoff without being disrespectful, like fun tricks and stuff? I remember seeing knut do a cool ledge stall with the bomb at a local.
  7. odinNJ

    Best Samus main in each State

    Unfortunately by the time I'm any good I'll have left NJ, whatever
  8. odinNJ

    The new Roy Strategem discussion

    the roy staple combo is DED. DED is so godlike
  9. odinNJ

    The new Roy Strategem discussion

    Fair is actually pretty great for comboing, for roy anyway
  10. odinNJ

    Why do you main or play as Roy?

    I think its 2013 and we should stop hearing this stuff =P Anyways, I play roy because I am unexplicably drawn to his playstyle, like I am with sentinel in UMVC3. I never like characters for particular reasons, I just use who I think is fun :D
  11. odinNJ

    Actually using Roy

    uair has godlike priority and combo ability (compared to roys other moves).
  12. odinNJ

    Official MBR 2010 NTSC Tier List

    Marth is not good, spacies still beat him everywhere except fd and maybe yoshi's. Or so I've been told. Personally, you know screw that, I don't have opinions on marth, he smacks people I guess, so... Smack tier?
  13. odinNJ

    [Apr 19, 2014] No Johns Monthly! April 19th!! Project M ! (Nanuet, NY)

    I think Im coming to this, bringing RUN as well. Yo umvc3, Id be down, Id get wrecked but i love that game. marvel friendlies would be legit.
  14. odinNJ

    Actually using Roy

    Oh no not at all I love roy to the ends of the earth. I just look back at some of the arguments Ive made in this board and the tier list thread and realize that I didn't have, and still dont have new insights into the game that others could benefit from yet. Thus it makes sense to stop asserting...
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