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  • I'm thnkn we are I'm not 100 percent sure but if stuff lines up right I'm definitely down. Hows attendance lookn?
    Relax, I like her because she's pretty, she can sing and, can act IMO. That's it, nothing else...
    TY though. <3 NaPPY.
    I have 2 question:
    What are you trying to start between us?
    What are you trying to prove?
    I've had it for a long time. Here's my reply to that VM:

    "No need. I downloaded the fanslation a long time ago. I miiiiiight do that instead, it's kind of a toss-up between EB and M3. I just have an RPG itch, it seems. :/"
    Maan. School tomorrow, and I don't wanna get my *** beat if my parents come out. :(

    I'll try to for just a few though, for you bby. Host plz.
    cept I was in Turkey/Greece from break. harhar.

    You get SS/HG? Help meh. <3
    Yeah, he's one of my abnormal "experiments." He has fire moves that obliterate lead metagrosses, jirachis, and bronzongs, Focus blast for heatrans and swamperts, hp ice 66-68 for mence, hippowdon, and the like, and thunderbolt for the rest. He either works and destroyes opposing leads or completly and utterly obliterated. Scarf brelloom had me worried. I hate being on either end of that shroom. I mean, I have a secret "in case brelloom has destryoed all hopes of winning" plan, but he still can ruin my team. I was a little nervous going with fire blast, but I could not risk getting spored and having to pull out and forcibly take recoil damage if I wanted him back in.
    Man, it's been forever since I've touched this game.

    1247 4937 7347. I used to have it memorized...
    I used to have one, but I got rid of it when I quit here the last time.

    I'm open to battle/brawl if you want. Just lemme know which.
    It takes way too much work. I spent months breeding one poke. Course it was for hidden power, but still.

    Sure. I'm not uber competetive at all (heck, I never was), but if you want a couple friendly matches I'd love to fight.
    I still keep up with pokemon a bit, but I don't touch the game any more than I have to.

    I mainly came back to see if I couldn't get a couple wifi matches on the friend finder (which I discovered very quickly is down indefinetly. I might try AiB real quick and get a couple friendly matches), but I also thought I'd try to be social before I go back to internet anonymity.
    I'm not into EB anymore. Heck, not even Pokemon anymore. I've kind of limited myself to brawl. Not like I have a whole lot of time for gaming or Forums anymore. AP clases, while they not be kicking my butt like some folks, are certainly a concern.

    GFX I'm a bit rusty with, but it wouldn't take long to get back into it. I do photo manipulations every now and then whenever my bro and sis need a cool cover page for a project.

    While I was out I tried getting back into Pokemon wifi a bit (I only joined here since I couldn't play that anymore), got bored within a month, and started to just focus on my school work and my guitar. Otherwise I've just been doing various odds and ends to keep me occupied.
    Not much. Just been getting back into brawl lately. I'm dang rusty, but my ness and lucas seem about up to par.
    u sugg fgt...?

    I'm too busy this weekend to get drunk, otherwise that would be a good idea. Any other suggestions for my post?
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