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  • Hey if you get the chance you should come to my smashfest in boulder tonight at 6 :D
    I'll PM you the address if you're interested.

    Also are you in the CO Smash FB group yet?
    Hey dude, do you mind banning me forever? I kind of want to move away from smash and don't want smashboards to tempt me back.
    Your avatar and user title...

    Hey, on that new platform cancel you posted a thread about... you got any tips on how to get it down? I know you wrote how to do it, and said it was easy, but I can't seem to get it down consistently. It's cool if not.
    I forget if you can edit the title of a close thread.

    So possible truths.

    K, srs questions about Snake's nade/shield/catch shenanigans:

    What's the term you Snakes use for that thing where you insta-catch a shield dropped nade?

    Has anyone done research into its mechanics/frame data?
    Yeah, hopefully you can revive it because it seemed like it was going great, then everyone lost interest or something. Thanks back atcha! :D
    Ah, dude, I know what you mean. That's a big contributor to my hate of geography/history/social studies, is that to this day I have gotten crappy teachers who leave the room with a CD playing reading from the textbook and a few color and label maps and think that qualifies as teaching LOL.

    Meh, pretty dumb at my school. We alternate between four classes every day for the whole year, but I sort of cheated the system and got the same math teacher for my two classes, meaning I see the instructor everyday, putting me leagues ahead of the other guys, and giving me some me-time. Also, biology seems to be filling up the niche left by art studies in that most of my friends are in the class, the teacher is lax, and the subject is interesting. So I guess I shouldn't complain.
    The **** are you talking about. French is awesome. Or at least, I think it is. But gah, I went a little over the top with my schedule. I sacrificed my two open slots for an extra math and an extra science class, instead of break classes. My initial reasoning was that it would look good on my transcript.

    I don't even like math. :p
    Aight brah but if he looks a meh funny imma bout to go ape on him

    Man being an upperclassman has its perks, but it's still pretty busy with the work.
    Yo son, dat Hitmonlee 's really freakin me out imma bout ta cut it up dawg

    Yeah highschool's fun mirite?
    Its been a month since I asked you last so I figured "why not ask him again?"
    Well anyways...Have you made any progress on separating those videos? If not maybe you can give me a copy of them and I can attempt to separate them. That way you don't have to even worry about it.
    Today: I love your avatar.
    Me: I don't. *reference to waka flocka song*
    You: wutwhydontyougetthis .-.
    Sir I thank you for screen capping the best moment of all of the Apex 2010 live stream
    I really like Tipping Point, and Illadelph Halflife is really good too. You can't really go wrong with any of them, they're all pretty stellar.
    Did you not read the part where I said it wasn't a footstool?
    Also I was trying to get a video up until you locked the thread.. whatever won't help me at all - guess you Snakes don't need it.
    I don't know why you locked that thread...
    That was NOT what I was talking about - Snake jumped three times after being thrown out of his cypher.

    You should read more carefully next time.
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