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  • needs more exclamation points!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    dont you know how to taunt anyone???????????????!?!!!!?!?!?!?!?!!!!?!??!?!?!
    i remember the iowa one, but not jokers. i guess i believe you, maybe it was forever ago when i played game and watch. i hope i planked you.
    keep on trollin bpc in the tactical discussion, haha! that guy is such an elitist A55HOLE.
    It can work either way. I tend to like platforms for tricks. But I like using upsmash alot in the matchup, and platforms can get in the way.
    Ill try to put it up soon lol and well I usually CP lylat. FD is usually a good bannable stage. Small stages are good so he cant phantasm away too much, so just stick with those small ones that you feel more comfortable with.
    Yeah it is pretty hard, I have a video of me 3 stocking Arty, but I dont have it up.
    You just gotta have greanades around in when your % is low. And when is high, play very defensively, without relying on grenades too much. Falco has a tough time killing you if you protect yourself the right way.
    I have a question to ask you. I was looking on the snake forums for advice on how well mario complements snake in teams. I couldn't find anything useful. Do you have any advice?
    Give me a list of your top 10 anime you've watched and a general list of any semi-popular animes you've watched so I don't suggest a ton of crap you've already seen.

    If I get any impressions off what you like that isn't listed I'll tell you.

    Also EVERYTHING goes to **** without me, even when everyone seems to hate me. Oo
    I team well with defensive players that tank while Im the aggressor. Thats why MJG and I did so well at SLASTv2.
    No... lol

    I took a break from traveling for Smash after MLG Orlando and recently decided to start again.
    **** you cant delete comments from your page completely so much for cleaning my **** up ~_~
    The stages I practice on are starters, my usual CPs, and stages I'm usually CP'd most of the time. I just think that knowing a stage is just as important as knowing an MU
    I just really just move around the stage so that I'm used to it. Getting comfortable moving/zoning on the stage around the stage lets me focus more on the match than how well I'm zoning and spacing.

    I use lv 9 MK sometimes, because if I ever get hit, that's a possible punishment from a good MK, so it teaches me how easily some things I do can get punished/get the timing right for some moves and how safe I am vs MK at certain distances.

    If you think of what the CPU does and what the character can do, it kind of helps.

    EDIT: You're really good yourself anyways so idk what the matter is lol
    Practice mode by myself taught me how not to suck when I went from online to offline. I always noticed a heavy skill dip when I tried to transition, so I just played offline more. I suck online anyways lol.
    Have fun with that. I usually get scooped off into the blast zone. That isn't pretty...
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