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  • I always thought you were a dwarf.

    My real name is テーラー
    Have fun. :3
    You have to see how objective criteria works. =\

    The 2/3rds thread is 100% subjective. The exact opposite of 100% objective.

    Both have huge flaws, and somewhere in the middle can't really be reached because the Smash Collective (I refuse to call us a community any longer) is full of a bunch of whiny *****es.
    Doesn't matter. If it let's me stall out that 3 seconds more because it started on my side of the stage. That's an advantage to our win criteria.

    Criteria can NEVER ask "How much is too much?" which is what blows about it.

    That's why. It's exaggerated, but my criteria already exaggerated itself to ban Brinstar/Norfair. He just showed the flip side of the coin.
    Not at all. It's something wrong with my criteria.

    The platform CAN be controlled where it is. However the argument resides in "Does it move left or right first?"

    If it moves left, the player who spawned on the left is placed at an advantage to stall out the timer. Likewise for the right, but it's the right player.

    My criteria doesn't ask "How much effect is OK to alter the criteria to win" it just bans things because it alters our win criteria.

    I didn't account for anyone to bring up "Timing out is in our win criteria, and these stages help you time out thus are banned under your criteria".


    Back to 'da drawing bordz
    Mansion is gone. YI:B is gone, SV is gone. LC is gone.

    He's neutered it past usable.
    Raziek got Frigate, PS1, PS2, and Delfino banned off my ruleset.

    ****kkkkkkkkkkkk himmmm
    Aerial part + nades + c4 + nikita = easiest time getting to the ground vs MK (who has a horrible airspeed) EVER.
    Swimming is stupid ban Delfino. It actually limits options and places one person at a disadvantage.

    Stupid mechanic. :V
    Melee is 100% legit, just "weird".
    Mansion can be stupid, but I like it and I've NEVER seen it be degenerate in over 2 years...

    You can disagree with PS2, but the point is that it's polar. You can't define whether the transformation "gives me an advantage" 100% of the time, REGARDLESS of the matchup.

    My criteria bans for giving an advantage to one player, REGARDLESS of the matchup.
    Try to just be logical if you disagree. :x

    So far even BPC, Jack, and Keizer don't got **** on it.
    Of course. I stay informed on who is a potential threat and who isn't. You'll have to get through me first though. Haaaahahahahahaha!
    I know more about MW smashers than people think. Which is why my best mains list is probably more correct than anyone's because I keep up with tournament results and stuff. You're the Snake main in MN that typically places 2nd behind Moe.
    Thanks Nappy. It's really just a normal Zangoose with a close up. I snagged it off of Photobucket. Where is that Laharl avatar??!?! Disgaea da bessssss.
    I did ok during pools but when I got high I stopped playing ok. I just can't pull it off well enough x_x
    Well, I guess we'll just have to see abt your MK. I doubt I'd beat a Diddy w/ Kirb; I'm so bad @ that matchup.

    And we'll def have to smoke lol :D
    psh im no good at brawl. i was meta and breezy beat me w/ his ganon. i know breezy is good and all but a meta should never lose to a ganon lol.
    Was right then. :p I wanted to say Disgaea but then I couldn't remember what it was about...

    =P Awesome.

    Your avatar. I've seen where it's from but I can't remember it. >.< Refresh my memory?
    Lawl. I'm a naturally abrasive guy. Don't take what I say with too much seriousness; I'm just not that kinda guy. (Unless it deals w/ Kirby. I know mah ****)
    Most interesting: Angel Beats!
    Funniest: Kanokon, Shinryaku
    Ecchi: Dance in the Vampire Bund, Kanokon
    Epic: Angel Beats!
    All of the above.

    Angel Beats!
    Shinryaku Ika Musume
    Dance in the Vampire Bund
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