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  • Doesn't mean you're ready for THE best MK in the Midwest ;)

    but seriously, Moe's good, but Judge, Domo, and I are better IMO.
    Hmm what kind of music I listen to alott haha.
    -A Day To Remember
    -A Rocket To The Moon
    -Armor For Sleep
    -Breathe Carolina
    -Breathe Electric
    -Bring Me The Horizon
    -Cute Is What We Aim For
    -Escape The Fate
    -Forever The Sickest Kids
    -Fort Minor
    -From First To Last
    -Hollywood Undead
    -Linkin Park
    -Madina Lake
    -Never Shout Never!
    -Owl City
    -Scary Kids Scaring Kids
    -Secret Secret Dino Club
    -Job For A Cowboy
    -Steven Jerzak!
    -The Devil Wears Prada
    -The Legion Of Doom

    Eh I deleted a lot of my playlists earlier today actually because my Ipod screen broke and I have to guess what song I'mma get so I took all the bands that only have 2 or so songs I like off and just kept bands I mainly like on there.
    He doesn't cheat lol. I'm starting to do better in teams it's a lot more fair in teams as well. (besides game & watch and samus lmao.
    Lmao. That is screwed up. The first team me and Type_Ex got paired up with was Ultimate Razor and UTD Zac ... -_- Yeah, Me and my partner had only played in teams once before that.
    He's almost made me cry before. =/ Yeah Neverr going to his house again for a hosting.
    Lol. You're Snake is good.. I can't keep up with Bananas enough to play Diddy.
    Hm well we have two good Diddy's here and he's beat them both in tournys so I'm not sure. But I would like to fight your diddy as well, I get distracted by bananas, but fox vs diddy is a pretty fun and fair match up.

    I think it was more of that he ****ed up and that he had a big temper about it as well.
    How was he cheating lol?
    xD Lmao I was playing him at the tourney I picked Snake just to mess around, I am terrible with him and never play him. And he was playing snake as well, I beat him, gimped him 2 times. xD

    Snake running feels weird.

    About the thread I know.. it's so annoying, that's all the Wichita threads been about as well, Brawl drama is so gay, the game is for fun. It's so broken anyways.
    I'm usually not like that, I was just really clueless lol. It goes both ways, I got comments by Zeton that tourney saying he was really surprised my u-smashs was coming out of no where. I wish we could of played more matches though.
    Lol I felt like a noob on our match being I had no idea how to fight you. Aw and you left me no shoutout. =P Lame.
    What are you talking about lol? Your Snake fights a lot different then most snakes you are good! I love fighting Snakes actually and I fight my bf Ratman a lot but you have a way different fighting style.
    This is why I like words more then numbers.

    It's a slight disadvantage (55-60 Snake's favor)
    I think it was 2-0, might've been a 2-1. All I remember hearing is he ALMOST had one of the games, but Ally's just too good. lol
    Ally and Dojo beat him.....IIRC

    I beat him recently at World 2-1. :x Last we played in tourney before that was World 1-1... where I first met him and he 2-0'd me.

    I 2-1'd him (both my wins were 2 stocks. Harsh and quick) at World 2-1.

    SoCal don't have any vids *****. :/ wish we did.....

    Or just record them next time I see Bam? (I forgot my Camera last time)
    All our matches are on my friend Bam's wii. :( My wii has 1 match thats 3 months old that we were messing around on... we only saved it because I teched a spike he got on me, and it ended up killing him because my cypher hit his barrels. Then the YI platform saved me. xD It was epic.
    Even though I lost in the stupidest way (landed on a carpet, instant death...) I'll record my match vs Tyrant on RC, as well as some serious friendlies with Dao.
    So I knocked Dao out of the tourney today.... :x

    1) You have to get really good with camping, teching on reaction, DI, and moving around the stage. Know when things appear and such.

    2) Get Diddy on the ledge, in a dthrow, off stage, or above you.

    3) 3 second timers, cook each grenade for roughly 1.25 to 1.75 seconds. Move about the stage, B-reverse. A single example would be:

    Pull Grenade
    Cook for 0.75~ seconds
    Short toss
    Jump into it.
    B-reverse 2nd grenade

    Falco shuts down Snake's camping game. Pit can't spam fast enough. You can get 1 grenade per 2-3 arrows. Just get good with powershielding. TL isn't worth camping, just go PS. Grab, and **** with dthrow.

    4) No he can't. Make sure your grenades land near/on his bananas and around him. (Try to keep 1 covering each at all times)

    Yes, #4 is possible. It's how I beat Dao.
    Snake can instant throw them down if thrown back at him. Then pull a grenade and land behind the banana (b-reverse the grenade if needed).

    That's not always smart, they need to learn to use the bananas like Diddy. (Snake has a pretty decent glide tosssssss)

    Utilt should always be fresh. 109% is the earliest % with perfect DI on SV/BF/FD. We won't die until 170% or higher.

    I know about the stupid gimps -_- Dao gimps me a ****load, same with WillYo.. and Lazy gimped me once or twice in our friendlies.... however they are all avoidable. As a Snake secondary, you should know. Utilt is very, very hard to avoid... Frame 6, huge range? It's almost as good as saying "don't get grabbed" vs DDD. Who has a 6 frame grab with similiar range. :p Haha. It's going to happen.

    No, he isn't. You underestimate Snake's camping game. People can truly only get around it in very small windows, if the Snake messes up. (Which, it's basically humanly impossible not to mess up. So you will be getting in. But that's not a character thing, that's a human flaw)

    Heavyweight has little to do with it. That keeps us in the utilt/uair until about 40-50%, everything after that it's very different then playing against a lightweight.

    It's not an uphill battle for Snake. Everything after the initial 60% (what I consider "gimp %'s") then it swiftly turns into Snakes favor.

    Snake also outperforms you on every level except FD. Which...we ban....

    Also here is the secret reason (that I will disclose to you) about why I like RC:
    You actually have options to recover. :) No stupid gimps due to Snake's rather.. lackluster recovery.
    Snake has a decent banana game, his stage control when he controls at least 1 banana can shut half of Diddy's game down and put Diddy into many frame traps and tight situations, sometimes where no matter what the Diddy gets hit.

    Snake can really mess with Diddy when he is covering due to grenades/c4/bair's awesome range.

    Diddy can't KO Snake unless he uses glide toss > dsmash/ftilt/utilt (you should be SDI'ing the fsmash. It's not hard). If the Diddy knows the matchup, he'll try and rack damage with fsmash until you start to SDI out of it. Then he'll KO with dsmash or ftilt. However, Snake has utilt....

    Bananas blow up grenades. It's a love hate relationship. Be careful when you throw them, and even proper placement of them can keep the Diddy weary of approaching or following up a combo.

    Diddy kinda gets ***** by dthrow. No matter what he should be taking 30% from the dthrow + ftilt followup. Diddy dies at 109% from utilt.

    Diddy is easy to grab thanks to Snake's awesome pivot grab. You can grab him out of literally, nearly every move.

    Snake, unlike other characters (DDD for instance) has very little problems picking up bananas.

    Thanks to Snake's DACUS, if the Diddy pulls a banana, unless there is a banana spaced be'twixt you. He should be getting punished. Always. This is why Ally throws bananas offstage, it's a free punish if the Diddy pulls it back. However this isn't always the best use of Diddy's bananas... which can open up free dthrows and ftilts for Snake. Which is almost as vital, because you can then reuse the banana several times.
    No, regular Broomers don't necessarily know anything advanced about Smash (for example, I don't). I wouldn't mind helping you out, but I'm sure you know more about Melee than I do.
    Yeah, they sound alike, but it doesn't really work. They'd work in a song, but they don't really rhyme.

    Kind of like how "turtle" sounds like "purple" even though they don't actually rhyme.

    P.S. I never count anyone's words.
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