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  • hey, what are your thoughts on reviving the move utilisation thread (because as we all know, the snake boards could really use more useful threads being active)

    good job with the video thread, btw :)
    I'll record.
    nair AND bair
    make sure to use ALL recoveries.
    I'll be waiting :)
    im here on the wii, so there won't be any messaging hoe (lol), im ready to start right now, are you?
    here's the gameplan:
    online, I will use snake, you will start with mario and eventually use all characters. you will use a special recovery (up-b, side-b, etc.) I will attempt to stop each recovery with a nair, and a bair. once conclusive evidence is found, I will record it.
    are you in?
    God Nappy the matchup isn't that bad ._., and Falco isn't that good against Pit lulz, just use G&W and Mk if you are really that ticked off over such a bad character <_<
    It's easier.

    Reflector + laser camp + CG spike

    Your lasor knocks him out of his recovery as well.
    Counterpick Falco.

    You seriously won't win with Snake if the Pit just camps/ledgecamps you.

    I wish I was joking.

    I can't fight them either.

    (that or learn to powershield. Never, EVER get in the air. And tilt all of their approaches)
    haha... how is that emo?

    I'm basically telling my opponent to shut up and kill themselves. rofl

    Also some info about Susa:

    Susa is one of the oldest-known settlements of the region and indeed the world, possibly founded about 4200 BC

    It's a double-play.

    "I'm better then you, AND I have far more knowledge then you"


    You're like the 5th person to say that =p

    It doesn't even need moderating, just someone to close threads here and there xD

    I always have to PM Samuraipanda/Jesiah/Buzz to close threads... starting to get on my nerves....
    Camp more, use grenades smartly, rarely put a c4 on stage, crouch to avoid lasers, time dtilt perfectly as to avoid any onslaught.

    DO NOT APPROACH - Let Falco approach you.

    If you keep getting CG spiked, SH c4, shield drop 2 grenades, hold down, and blow up the C4 and tech. 43% and you can't be CG'd or CG spiked anymore.

    Spam ftilt/utilt more then you ever have in your life.

    When hes recovering, know that Nair > his recovery pretty much... so jump out and nair him.

    When he's off stage, Bair > nair as well. It depends if he's within KO %.

    Learn to time grenades and cook them PERFECTLY for this match. No left over space, and be careful of his reflector. I suggest pulling a Havokk/Ally throw and running off-stage and throwing it behind you. Or throw it above them and grenade strip it so it falls down onto the Falco.

    Also thanks. :)
    u are a scrub shut up with your blabbering
    Pretty much.

    Could I possibly do the same thing yellowroy is asking you to do? I've got a sick replay of me facing Neo that I'd like to get up on Youtube.
    Nah I was the dude wearing the Grease shirt that played the green Pit.

    Funny how that works though, I didn't know anybody else liked his green costume.
    Can I send some replays to you? So you can send it to joker because I can't put vids on youtube, no camera.
    He's just playing MK the way your suppose too, since most of the other MK I have played only use the B button.
    I'm not having a wierd conversation its just a dumb fuc.k ni.gga that needs to know his place.
    Now hes acting gay
    I didn't tape any matches this tourney cause the TV were it was set up, it was lagging apparently, so that suck, but the matches between me and Chexr were tape except for the 1st one, I believe it was spinner, not sure though.
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