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  • Hey, all I said was that his smile was nice. x.x But I'd want to meet San or Esam :D Did you get pictures with Chudat?
    oh lol.

    Speaking of my name, once i get premium again i'm probably gonna change my username and gamertag to Druid. My name's Drue, and i had that as my gamertag long ago before i got into competitive gaming. Plus, i've never really liked the name Lash.

    Oh, also, since MK's banned, i've been searching for a new main for the past several days. I'm still not 100% sure who i'm gonna main but i'm REALLY leaning toward Kirby. It's weird, because i've never used Kirby and i do better with several other characters, but there's something about Kirby that feels really comfortable, natural, and fun to use, even when i'm losing. I'll probably be starting way less skilled then i was with meta knight, but i'm ok with that, because i know i'll get better and better over time.
    Just wanted to let you know since you're the best Kirby main i know and stuff......uh, yeah
    Send them to solarskurge(he has the OP of the thread I linked you to and he is the guy doing the CV)
    And yes I'm always getting outstanding replays :D
    Yeah it has been to long. That lag gets you when you least expect it.

    We should brawl again. It's alright at least your helping a freind. Stay cool Mike. I would go, but there far and my parents say it's a waste of gas. -.-
    You're one of my favoritedest people to brawl though D:
    We're falcon ditto'ing whether you like it or not.
    Oh and i'll be going to PolyBrawl. aww yeah
    Gtg for now. Ttyl
    It's cool, i'm pretty hungry also.
    Yeah i go almost every week. I've made tons of progress and it's lots'a fun. Wishing you and MGW were there, though ):
    Yah I've gotten a little better by practicing offline :)
    I hope to go to tourneys when I get older since they are about 2 hours away >.>
    GGs mike
    Always good to play someone from the greatest wifi era
    Lag was bad but that's expected
    Oh ok, I though we could chat and play oh well :3
    Guess I won't add you(there is no need if you don't use it)
    LOL, that last message (hot arms sent it) is one of the reasons I will not be allowing Hot_Arms back on my pc. XD
    I heard you know Hot_ArmS. He's soooo good I've been playing against him and it's always a 2 stock
    Hey. Sorry about this but I would like to withdraw from the social group. I have a lot of things I need to focus on right now in my life. It is not much of a loss as only a couple of the members have actually played me. I also rarely come to smashboards as it is so I would rather not worry about something small and trivial causing a few problems. I hope to play your kirby sometime in the future but only time can tell on that one. All the best, and I am sincerely sorry. Please try to understand. Thank you.
    Go on the SURVIVAL! #4 event on facebook for the results, i hosted it through the Super Smash Bros. Brawl Tournament Page
    Arkansas's Brawl scene is really tiny and fledgling right now (there's like 4 or 5 of us who play Brawl competitively. The rest is Melee and SSF4 which is apparently very big) so all i'll be winning atm is probably just local tournaments (if i can even keep winning). Also, i switched my main from mk to Sonic, so i'll probably have even more training to do :rolleyes: but i know i can do it. My Sonic's already on par with the best Brawl player in Arkansas (which doesn't say much lol)

    But yeah, i look forward to my return :) Y'all stay legit
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