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  • hi mike,I've heard a lot about you on the smash arena,I want to see your kirby...wow...I'm amazed I found you online...
    Thanks in advance.

    Not suprised in the least on my part about top 5 cause you are the best imo. I just need to start going to them tourneys to make a name for myself.

    Of course we will Mike. ^.^
    Of course you, sato, and sheen are my friends I wouldn't delete any of yours.

    Yeah the lag was annoying.

    tell sheen I said hi if you ever see him or whatever. Also hope your doing good too.

    And I saw you are top 5 Kirby material, nice.
    Just wanted you to know that I JUST came back from sailing around on my Navy ship, and I'll write you up something tomorrow or the weekend (I got work everyday and no good internet near the ship, so I gotta find an internet cafe for this). I'll be back with the good stuff!
    To anyone that comes by for a visit:
    I'll be away on vacation for the next month and a half. I hope to return to the good ol' competative scene when I return. I hope to return to my "A" game, as well. Miss you all~
    Nah, I am always lurking in most places. ;)

    I saw you mention that in LIO, congratulations. ^.^b Not sure how my skills are doing, probably rusty. :v As I mentioned in LIO (not sure if you read that post I made in there yet) if you wanted to keep in contact with me more I have Skype.
    Well I've played Chu before, this time I definitely did better considering I was able to take a game off him. Poyo did not go Kirby in our tourney set, however he did go Kirby in our MM where I won 2-1.
    Cause I have not beaten anyone that good except for apex. And I don't think they will give me points for that.
    You have a good kirby. I would say be a lil more creative and mix it up more. I usually put you in situation where I know you would always react the same way. So I just go and punish you for it. You know how kirbys usually play. And this is what the opponent would have in mind and expect from kirby. Know you can use this to your advantage and give them something a lil different. something they not expect. They my expect a set up with in a combo, and mid combo you hit them with some weird mix up and mind**** them.

    Mix it up more and step up your reaction time. and you should be fine.
    Dang 0_o
    Your placing good :O
    I REALLY hope you make it to top 5 Kirby, you deserve it.

    And haha my mom called nintendo and bargained them from 85 to $30 :awesome:b
    the waiting is terrible though >.>
    I wanna play brawl :(

    btw you still going to offline tourneys? how long til your top 5 kirby :mad088:
    Wow that's amazing. : D Glad you had fun.
    I was watching the stream all weekend. Showed it to one of my friends that hardly plays brawl, but she got so extremely hyped. lol
    Oh, i totally forgot what i was gonna say in my earlier vm.

    Since the Kirby boards don't have that much helpful stuff, and especially cuz you're the best Kirby main i know, I'll be asking you for help and advice sometimes.
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