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  • go for it, man.
    I get that a lot also lol people always telling me they learned something new or learned to fix a constant mistake or bad habit. That's what it's all about, you learn until you can approach/space safely (:

    Oh and i know i said i was going to PolyBrawl but something's come up so it's a little iffy...
    your link was great! the only thing I saw was your moves were getting stale but you fixed that right away. there were some parts where a second swing with the fsmash could have hit though.
    that's all I got :/
    lol ok I'll bring fox out from the start next time. (I was actually waiting for your pit to come out before using fox XD) Your marth beat the hell outa my everything though lol I wouldn't doubt you'd crush my fox with him. :)
    GGS, Yeah lol I got my *** kicked. I gotta eat dinner and finish some of my stuff now.
    Hope to play ya again soon!
    sure just a few though cuz I'm kinda busy.
    WARNING I haven't played in a while.
    Yeah sure. I should have some time today. :3
    pranked is when a member with premium wants to give someone a pink name. so they tell a mod to do it to whoever... I got lucky with mine lol.
    Yeah. :D
    lol I can imagine Kirby's expression after that happened; probably a fusion of this :troll: and this :kirby: with a the words of HAI. xD
    Cool, and yeah hopeful they don't give you a horseload of homework during the break, as that would suck. lol <.<
    Yeah Great games. Ike DI da bess. :awesome: Major Lulz when I SDI'd and DI'd...1 stock away that one game as Ike xD
    No problem :D
    Hope we brawl again sometime ^_^
    Also, I got a vacation coming up next week, how about you?
    Thanks Arturito Burito.

    There is still like 3 stages I want to try out and need replays for.
    Oh, crap! Sorry, I was decorating for Halloween and it completely left my mind. :c
    I will watch it tomorrow, though. :embarrass:

    Oh, and I'm glad you like it! I'm not sure if you are at the point when the regulars show up, but they are all awesome. PoT had the most memorable characters ever for me; I got so attached to them. :3

    Well, all of them except for Ryoma, that is. He is the only thing wrong with the Anime, imo.
    The rest of the Anime makes up for it, though! :bee:
    I found it! I only checked to see if episode 1 worked, but I think the rest will.

    Hopefully this will work for you. ^_^
    Hey, you can post VM's now! :D

    Back when I watched PoT, it was on Youtube. I just checked, and it looks like it's not there anymore. I'm going to look around a bit for you! :D Sorry if I can't find anything.
    AWESOOOOME! Well, you don't have to get all serious. I mean, get good yeah, but don't go overboard like me. Yes, I need help. xD Anyway, don't do something if ya don't want! =]
    Haha, my bad, I wasn't trying to make you sound full of yourself or anything. Check my reply in the Meet 'n Greet thread. ^_^
    I got a new FC... after copying your data I realized I had yooour FC and list. So yeah...

    Hey, I read somewhere that you need something like 25 post minumum to be able to post on othes peoples profiles.
    hi, any chance you could show me how youve setup your wii to record pass 3 min games... homebrew or something?
    I'd definitely like to brawl you again some time in the future! Oh and sending the vids via e-mail is actually better to me so thanks in advance. :3
    BTW do you post these videos online on youtube if so can you tell me if you do. It would be pretty interesting to watch myself play
    Zomg! ur Hiei!

    Remember me?
    If u don't i fought u. I was LASH/LashD.
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