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  • Aah, ya I stopped playing for a while. I wanna get into it seriously, but it's hard lol. I prefer watching pro's :p.

    Also Smash 4 hype, let's hope Mario is godly xD!
    Alright sweet, I'll add you back on, I'll try and be on tomorrow evening between like 6:00PM-12:00PM EST.

    You still play SC2 at all?
    Monday is not a great time for me. You probably are best catching me next week. I should honestly be working on finals lol.
    I apologize if I come off as demanding, but I want to talk sometime about my playstyle, whether it's in a discussion on the boards, or on AIM. Critiquing myself before letting people look and comment on my Mario vids isn't my thing, but I want to demonstrate to the boards how technical I am and why I feel it's necessary.

    I'm honestly rather miffed there isn't more discussion about my playstyle, though to be fair from what I observed in how people reacted to Dekar's playstyle, that might just be a problem that people aren't really sure what to look for in general.
    yo do you still even play bro if you do i have a question? would you like to join the Mushroom Kingdom II WB if you need more details of the crew.
    What's up Matador? Oh, if its about wifi, don't worry about it. I made an attempt to join because everyone else on my list was offline and I was bored so I thought I'd try to join your game, although I was expecting you to deny me anyways. 1on1 is better of course and a 3rd person can make it laggier. Btw, I have some concerns regarding my Mario. I'll have to let you know somehow. I'll see about aim. Thanks.
    Hey man, if you haven't checked yet, I have actually uploaded new vids of my Mario. Check the 2011 vid thread.
    If you could perhaps be available at around 4PM PST on Friday, I might be available then and I might want to do some matches.
    We should wifi sometime. Someone on the EC says my connection is surprisingly good (probably thanks to borrowing a LAN adapter). At any rate, I'm curious to see your playstyle, and I want to also show my playstyle to more people as well.
    Yo Matador, what april 9th tourney were you and Nazo talking about when we were all in the AiB chatroom?
    Up your arsenal was also my favorite though I only played and stuck with Up Your Arsenal and Deadlocked for the online play of it lol. I also had fun doing This (click son) on online play
    OMG DUDE RATCHET AND CLANK another beast series... though I only played Up Your Arsenal and Deadlocked (and size matters for the psp though I'm pretty sure it was a different company who made that with their permission)
    Like I haven't finished Donkey Kong Country Returns yet nor did I beat sonic colors. Hell there are some games that I have for the wii I haven't even opened yet lol.
    I have a PS2. I pretty much beat all the games I have for it though so I never have it hooked up to my television. I actually need to start playing wii games, not just brawl lol.
    Oh, that's cool. Smashking was suppose to come to my house today
    for some mario & ike battles. But he didn't show up. Oh well, maybe
    next time. I guess i'll do some wifi myself
    GGs, yesterday, Matador. I'm pretty slow on blocking your mixups so I tend to play it safe once Tron's dead lol. All 3 of your characters have me guessing once you have me cornered.

    And yeah, it wasn't fun facing that Phoenix player's runaway. It didn't help how laggy it was either XD.
    hey matador, i save two replays of us playing. (Replay hack)
    Do you want me to send them to you via wii/mediafire?
    Thanks. I like to be creative with mario by doing certain moves &
    tricks that most marios don't do. i also watch videos of other marios to learn stuff. I like your mario as well. Such a trickery mario.
    DAMN, lol, GGs matador! :) awesome mario dude
    It's been awhile since i lost in a mario ditto.
    The last mario i played against like that was takeshi, i miss him. :(
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