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  • hey mang, i see that you're online now, hope you get this message

    if you're not doing anything tonight, we're getting together at danny's place in bowie to play smash

    one of us can prolly pick you up, i think you're pretty close

    gimme a call or IM if you're interested!

    my number is 443 517 3932
    AIM is fuzz bombshell

    hope to hear from you!
    Matador, any chance you can review my Mario guide? I want to know what other Marios think of it.
    Dang, your right. I even checked my aerials video to confirm it. Great eye! I'll add a note in the video description showing that mistake.
    Green Names=Premium Members. You should soo get it, access to the Disco Room, a Custom Title, ability to prank people, create polls, etc. It's amazing.
    Pink Names=Premium Members who pranked users. Which is why they're names are pink, and they're custom titles say "prank'd."
    I used both my pranks already!

    Don't think your so lucky, next month your names going to be pink :).
    I do go a little overboard convincing people that Ganon's worse than he already is, it's just something I do. I'm just letting you know, it'll be a common thing you'll see me doing.
    I was educating him? I thought I was just being an ***.

    Oh well, whatever works. Added you on aim btw.
    lols @ the rich kids comment!

    Yeah, I might have to give Mario more of a shot. I'm considering going Zamus/Samus, but Samus is...pretty hard to win with.
    You would beat the living piss out of me, lol. I still haven't settled on a main. I bounce around between Kirby, Mario, ZSS, and Samus (and a little Sheik). I should settle on one and REALLY learn them well.

    It would still be fun, though. I'm not totally terribad, at least.
    *tips hat*

    top of the mornin' to ya!

    Too bad your Wii got bricked, you have a good Mario from what I've seen.
    Got bricked. I was being careless and changed the region. I didn't change it back correctly and tried to load up Punch Out! and the Wii detected an incorrect region, so it locked my system. Some of it was the 4.0 patch though.

    And yeah, I'll be a little rusty, but nothing too serious. I'll get it back with a few warm-up matches next tourney.
    Wow, that sucks, really bad.. arnt you going to be super rusty.. and what happened =/ how'd a wii break+ brawl, got some wii rings of death =/
    the lesson about smash is... just play smash irl don't listen to the internet. It's dumb lol. If it's 7/3 in Mks adv against Falcon on the internet, then oh well. But if it's mother****ing Ally's Cf taking Dojo to last stock at 96% no sandbagging, then it's a mother****ing 5/5 even off youtube son. LMFAO. But yeah =(
    Rob boards lol. I mean, whenever I do matchup discussion for luigi, if someone says some bs that they outrange us and what not, I usually would say "oh fludd/cape all dai son" but I'm like oh **** wait, i'm talking about luigi not mario lol. Then I just say eff the discussion, cause in the end I'm lazy to debate approaching/outranging and what not lol. The internet is so dumb ^_^
    *rage* don't you just hate it when other char board matchup discussion LOVE to cutass on Mario bros for having either, close range, slow aerial speed, poor knockback power, poor OOS options, or JUST BETTER IN GENERAL AND TOTALLY COMPLETE BIASED ABOUT IT?

    *massive rant lol*
    Hey Matador, you apparently have an invite for a room linking to the Mario quiz boards. There, we have came with two starting scenario's (One a battle scenario and another an open-ended question). PM me if you want anything done.
    Eh, forget it unless you still want to play just for fun. The other Zeldas don't think wifi results would count.
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