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  • Sorry I wasn't able to be at the meeting....

    of All the times I get on smash board I choose not to get on thursday...
    I think I'll be able to log on at that time. Sorry if I can't, though. Should be fun.
    Yeah. All three, actually. I mostly hang around the Atlantic South board now and I don't post very much, but I still play Brawl and Mario. I haven't played very much recently for various reasons and I started college. The good thing is the video game club here is heavily focused on Brawl, so when it starts up in Fall I'll probably end up playing a lot more.
    Matador. I heard ya going to a tournament 2morrow.

    If ya can, save some matches & send them my way. (if you get an sd card by then.)
    I was.

    He sold out. >_>

    I was a major Wale fan.

    But I would still listen to gogo but I can't get any of the **** down here. There ain't no ****in gogos down here neither which = no free *****.
    Ahhh....i haven't really check them out tbh with you.
    I still got them on my other sd card, i'll check em out later. xD

    Oh yeah. I sent those two replays of me vs. ducky on your wii.
    You can check it out if ya want. i was using a different tag btw. "Fiery"
    Yeah, i forgot to tell you about the limit replay pre day thing.
    Just keep sending as much as you can.
    Remember, you got all the time you need.
    No need to be sorry bro. xD
    i join your room & pretty much had it coming. lol
    Yeah, same here when it comes down to staying on my toes &
    trying to out think you on mindgames & stuff like that.
    I gotta work more on m-games.

    Can't wait to ditto flameleon again. xD

    EDIT: Hyperactive_Ducky is a beast with her lucas. imo,
    she's pinkfresh of the midwest. No joke!
    Matches was epic between us both.
    I'll try to get them on yt sometime in the future.
    lol, it's cool. i'll add ya wii # now.

    Oh & ggs. I got my *** kick. xD
    I had to take my anger out on a pro (female) lucas player, after you left.
    Ok, cool. Let me know how many clips ur sending via wii message board.
    *Added wii number*
    I haven't played stack yet. Played skidd few weeks back. skidd mario is legit though.
    Hmm, i might be able to help you out w/the replay thing.
    If ya want to, add my wii# & send clips to me, i'll put them on my other sd card, upload them on my mediafire & send them to fire! it's up to you though.
    Great games, matador.
    You, flameleon, teb & takeshi are so fun to ditto against. :)
    Very challenging marios. It just makes me keep continuing 2 improve w/mario some more.
    Ohhh ok.

    Hey, when are you gonna put your name on the contributor List for dtm4? *ponders*
    Man sorry, My internet would not connect for real. For the past few days. Are you busy today cuz I know
    its the 4th of the July. Ive been doing offline training though... trying to do all I can to make Mario mid tier, or at least have some respect.
    If you are gonna be on tonight we should play some friendlies. I want some more practice playing you. To get some good mix-up practice, and some more advice. XD
    Ahh ok, thanks. I wonder how ppl was doing that move anyway.
    esp seeing how lordy does it on a clip i got save. (The clip i'm saving for dtm 4 ;D)

    I'll be taking a lil break from brawl/training. Haven't been playing as well as of late.
    Since being down here in alabama which has no brawl community. (Only melee)
    Can't wait to get back to IL sometime this fall.

    Might meet up with bo x7 since he live close by my grandmother's house. lol
    Oh, goodluck with that, hope you ace it.

    Hey, you know how to platform cancel? Something i wanna apply to my skillz....
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