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  • Hi, do you have a 3ds? If you do can you add my 3ds FC please?
    Hey, my code is 1547-5717-5022. I added you. Sorry for the late reply!
    Added! See you Smash Bros 3ds!
    Got an Inf. for speaking the truth :v
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    You were very obviously making fun of another member as opposed to assessing his/her points. Lastly, I called you out mad hard because I call out everyone who's being an asshole, especially when it's easy. Don't be mean if you don't want to be torn apart by other members.
    Dr. James Rustles
    Dr. James Rustles
    I actually know D-idara well enough in actuality, having received PMs, wall posts, and multiple replies from in the past (several of which are infracted). Your sense of vindication is derived only from your common agreement.
    My infraction forever ago wasn't even from me even responding to criticism. It was totally different.

    As a response to your most recent comment: I don't care and no it's not. Looks like you have nothing to go off of now that I can just reject any accusation toward me. Don't be mean and I won't call you out for it.
    Awesome dude, awesome. I was getting a bunch of Marios together in the Xat today at 9 PM EST and was wondering if you could make it? Trying to get as many people in there as possible, lol.

    Let me know if you can attend. The URL is here.
    Hey man i am very excited that you are going to FGCU. I have been working on the smash scene there for around 3 years. We are beginning to flourish, i cant wait to get more acquainted with you in the fall. i will quickly get you integrated into the Eagle Smash Elo rankings and i am sure you will instantly be a top player.

    I also want you to know that i there are no hard feelings from the catalina wine mixer tourney last summer. So dont even worry about that stuff. The crew at fgcu already knows a little about you this is because i kept the vids from our set to show an up and comming at the time mario main SSGuy. I am so excited that we have another competent player at the scene. I know you will enjoy Nub Academy the closed circuit monthly's that i hold on campus along with the weekly smash fests and all that good stuff.

    Well thats about it i hope you have a good time at FGCU the school is fun let me know what your into and i can see if i can help you out. also i remember you telling me you alt DK and you wanted to switch mid set from mario. I would like to know if i would have still be able to beat you you up for a $5 mm before we learn each other inside out?
    Excuse me,

    I am just now looking into competetive smash in the Tampa area, and was wondering if you live in/near USF. If so, I would love to meet/ play sometime. I go to USF and am looking to start playing a little more seriously.

    If you are able to reccomend me to any groups in the area or are interested in playing yourself, kindly PM me.

    Be well,

    I wouldn't do it in friendlies but I'm looking to go into a tournament and if there's a chance I see a Lucas and money or a prize is on the line, I can't pass that up. I figure it's good just in case. I just added you btw.
    I'll add you and try to catch you when you're on wifi. Just so you know, I don't really like DK ditto matches much so after a bit if you're still DK I'm going to switch it up to another character, even though even my secondaries aren't close to as good as my DK. I'm also going to try Lucas just to see how the cargo release goes. Thanks for the help.
    Hey man, I can try and make it tomorrow for a little bit. I got laundry and I'm trying to host something at my place tomorrow. Do you drive or can you ride with Scott? Lemme know?
    Yes, good games. ;)

    Well, I need to experiment on someone. xP Yeah, it seemed like I was just tearing through your DK and I don't know were that came from.
    Yes, good games. ;) I had a lot of fun in the teams; Ganondorf and Captain Falcon combo for the win. :laugh: Actually, I was using Captain Falcon for nostalgia and the fact that I was playing Melee the night before. :p Also, who is Mion?
    ggs i didn't deserve that peach turnip spam D:< thats why i went GnW on you i guess i deserved the last few matches for trying to spam you again you out spammed me D:< and why the hell do oyu always win the counterpicks? it was pissing me off bomb-omb KO sucked D:< but good games nonetheless 'o'
    man you lag way too ****ing much it's iumpossible to get past your fire ball spamming in that **** solve your lag issue then fight me im not gonna deal anymore of that crap
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