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  • Pretty much i was fighting "blinded" most of the matches. xD

    I do @ times switch up from patient to aggro style most of the time.

    Thanks for the tips, stack. :)
    Well, i didn't see that beat down coming. lol
    Couldn't make any reads or anything like that. :[
    Well, i'm free to play you now.
    If ya aren't busy atm. if not, add my fc. i'll be on wifi now.
    There is a Gatorade: Tiger flavor called Quiet Storm. I know this because a friend of mine was drinking some and I stole the bottle and read the label like it was a freestyle rap. xD Your name reminded me of good times.

    The label read: "His focus is legendary. Underneath a storm of pressure, he ignores doubt and pays no attention to failure. That's because he can only see one thing - the win. It's why he's not just an athlete. He's Tiger. A refreshingly focused blend of grape flavors. It's why it's not just drink. It's Gatorade Tiger. Is it in you? Formulated for Tiger Woods. No fruit juice."

    LOL you can imagine how ridiculous it sounded.
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