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  • if Bloody is a no go then Luckay said he's riding with Tanman so that could be another option!

    By any chances...have you saved any of those mario ffa matches with me, you & teb
    from last summer? teb trying to record & upload them, for entertainment of course. xD
    If you would like to brawl me sometime again.

    Heres my new brawl code:

    Sorry for the late reply. Got busy.

    Just chillin. Hurt my foot today playing basketball. :/
    Thank god it isn't broke.
    Dude, is "matador" a real word in Engish? Just curious as in Portuguese, it means "killer", lol.
    Hey man I just wanted to let you know… I registered for Apex today. I am really thinking about going.
    ThatGuy is probably not able to cuz of school he said. Also 2fast hasnt responded yet. finally flameleon who got accepted hasnt showed up yet for discussions X.X
    ok, just sent a message to them both!

    I dont know about A2z, his smashboards profile says he hasnt been on for 2 days, so I cant imagine him being active atm, ill pm him later if we need more marios!
    ok sweet ill pm Marc to let you guys in hopefully he'll do it soon.

    I wanna see if 2Fast/A2Z/ThatGuy can contribute too, if you see them let them know.
    Well Bloodynite and Luckay got some seats open still I think, we gotta get them randoms playing, bring the community back, thanks for spreading the word and I'll see you Saturday! :)

    Marios really need some help in the brawl panel for providing a good defense in the change of certain matchups on the matchup chart.

    Could you please help us out? :3 I will ask Marc to allow access to the brawl panels room and extend mario discussions just so you and vato can be on board to help with some matchups.
    yo yo, you're still coming this weekened right? If u know anyone who plays then invite 'em, gonna be tight
    Hey, Matador. What ever happened to those Sunday meetings we were going to have? I heard you cancelled them so is it true?

    I got a laptop on me...so i can get on the mario xat chat now.
    Hope to see you dudes there.
    Thanks. Those two clips were offline against two good ppl i know.
    I though xero's first clip was beast though. nice setup by him.
    Dunno why it won't auto-update like it should, but that's the problem.

    Not sure how to go about fixing it either...
    When I got to internet search it say need update. I click browser update.

    I go to setting and the storge update, but say no aplication found.

    I go to update automatically (which it should have done if needed)
    When I press turn on for automatic update it says it cant be turned on.
    But thanks, I'll go try and turn it on see if it is working now! it said to wait a while.
    Hey. I was wondering if u noticed an error code 80028E01 on your PS3.?

    Thats if you turned it on today and tryed to sign in online

    Just hoping this is some ps3 network problem and not my system alone
    Yo matador.

    Is there anyway you can talk 2 boss & famous on joining DTM4?
    You're the only one that knows them well irl.

    The dtm roster is gonna get skinny, 5-7 ppl will be cut due to no clips.
    Oh & i got your clips today bro. ur mario looking like a super saiyan,
    especially against that peach. xD

    We marios always tell peach to get back in the kitchen!
    lol, yeah. we did had lilG playing with us moments ago.

    I'm tire now. Might do it again, later.
    Godly ffas dude. We should do that again soon. (-_^)b

    EDIT: get back on dude, lil g joining da ffa!
    Hey matador. GGs the other day dude.

    I guess my mario is going thu "a bad streak" as of late. lol.......:/
    I must break my current limits to reach a whole new level.

    Oh & if you want to send more/new clips for DTM4 then send to me.
    I'll just upload them & give them to you, broskie.
    He use two L-tiers & beat some mk dudes?
    They must be random, lol j/k

    I do have fun using sheik sometimes, such a "Freestyle fighter"
    Ahh, i know the pain of losing to mk's....especially on gayfi. xD
    Makes me wanna pocket him sooner.

    But, he's gonna be bann @ a national soon.
    Everyones talking about it on aib.

    My bad on calling you "khaos" lol
    DUDE you became a mod AND you have a Ramza avatar? Good **** man.

    Long time no see hahaahahahaa
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